SUSU Scientists’ Research in Economics Helps Determine the Strong and Weak Sides of a Business


Economics is one of the most important and interesting modern sciences. It may seem, “what do economics and theatre have in common?” It turns out that economics doesn’t just have its theories and laws, but also scenes. And the fate of an entire company, at times, depends on one economic scene.

Candidate of economic scientists, associate professor of the SUSU School of Economics and Management, winner of the contest of young researchers held within the 5-100 Project, Elvira Taipova, tells us about the new approach to scene forecasting.

– Elvira Haerslamovna, tell us, what research are you working on now?

– My research is on the development of methodologies for scene forecasting of the development of the industrial sector, and I received the grant at the end of the contest on the results of this study in particular.

– And how does the development of this methodology of scene forecasting occur?

– The point of my research is the development of mathematic models that allow us to analyze the ties, dependency, and dynamic tendencies between the main indicators of industrial organizations’ work. These models allow us to determine the “strong” and “weak” spots of a business, develop optimal tactical moves in the organization of manufacturing, form scenes for developing organizations, and optimize business’ manufacturing programs.

– What is unique about your work?

– The research is unique because of the development of the most optimal models of development using economic and mathematic methods which minimizes the degree of uncertainty in the development of company economics. This is the principle difference from different research in this area, because our research is built upon a system of models for the optimal combination of sectors including economic and mathematic models of individual organizations which take the available resources into account.

– What are your scientific plans tied to this work?

– Right now we are working on broadening and deepening developments in this area. I plan on completing this research for my dissertation to seek the academic title of Doctor of economics.


Yulia Uzmova
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