SUSU Scientifics improve dynamic systems of automatic control


 Engineer of the “Automatic control system” Department of Higher School of Electronics and Computer Science has placed the scientifically article in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NUMERICAL MODELING. The Journal is included in TOP-10 journals, Indexed in the international reference databases Scopus and Web of Science. The Elena’s article is devoted to the analysis of the results of a scientific internship at the Catalan Polytechnic University (Spain).

The article has been written in co-authorship with her Spanish colleagues and, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Automatic Control Systems Vladimir Shiryaev. At the initiative and under whose guidance Elena Podivilova is engaged in this strategically important subject. 

"This article discusses the application of the algorithms we are developing to evaluate the position of the throttle body of the car and the electric current consumed by the throttle, which is widely used to control the power of the internal combustion engine. We have developed such methods of processing information that would allow us to determine the state of this damper: normal or there was some kind of failure in it, " says Elena.

Today SUSU Scientifics studied a particular method with dampers, but it has a very wide range of applications and can be used in any control system: from the control system of flying and space vehicles to any dynamic object.

"This is not only the physical movement of the object, but also, for example, the movement of money, etc. Anything that can be changed and described by equations is subject to our research, " Elena Podivilova continued her story.

Theoretical researches of the SUSU engineer have a fundamental character. And while the process of accumulating statistics for the implementation of the probabilistic approach is underway, the South Ural researchers solve the problem of guaranteed estimation of the state of dynamic systems. The problem of state estimation arises in various areas of control theory, connected with the study of complex real systems of various natures.

"Guaranteed estimation is computationally complex, therefore we develop effective algorithms for constructing guaranteed estimates in real time for systems of large dimensions," the scientist clarifies.

The unique of Elena’s and her colleagues researches is in the fact that they have worked out such methods which could work under conditions of statistical uncertainty:

"Uncertainties in the system can be caused by the presence of wind, technological errors in the manufacture and installation of the propulsion system, interference in the measurement of data, inaccuracy in setting model parameters, etc.", explains Elena Podivilova.

 For example, if we estimate the errors of special sensors of navigation systems necessary to detect problems and make decisions about the admission to operation of navigation systems.

 An assessment of the state and disturbances (oscillations or disturbances) is required for automatic routing of the flight route performed in airborne aircraft control systems, as well as in ground flight training systems, etc.

Such mathematical calculations will also be used in various engineering, economic, biomedical fields. Thus, the scientific research of SUSU scientists, carried out jointly with foreign partners, will find wide application in various branches.



Yuliya Uzmova, Photo by Oleg Igoshin
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