Chelyabinsk Artist Presents the University with One of Her Works


Famous artist and monument sculptor Lyudmila Kostina is finishing her exhibition in the SUSU Art Hall. The exhibition was opened as a dedication to the 100-year anniversary of the two Russian revolutions and is called, “The past is passing before me…”.

Ten of the artist’s works, created from 1972 to 2013, are charging the Art Hall with the life-affirming energy of resonant color and the social civilian temperament; these works are an artistic interpretation of distant and recent historical events. The beauty and spirituality of the coloration, dynamic feeling of time, elevation and excitement of L.N. Kostina’s artistic imagery are fully reflected in the exhibition.

Lyudmila Nikolaevna’s art is of high class. Anyone who sees her creations will feel this equally. Her conviction and ability to infect people with art are characteristic of a big artist; professionals and large swathes of viewers responded to her works.

Serious work was done on the exhibition to publish the artist’s work in the art world and for young students – the new generation of viewers. This included excursions for university students, children’s art schools, and future applications to the School of Young Art Historians, and a scientific seminar “Art and History” for student historians and art historians with participation by the dean of the Faculty of History, doctor of historical sciences, Igor Sibiryakov, professor Evgeniy Volkov, assistant professor Svetlana Krivonogova, and the artist, Lyudmila Kostina. In addition, a book on the art of L.N. Kostina was presented at the exhibition, written by researcher of regional art and art historian Galina Trifonova and published in the beginning of the year by the SUSU Publishing Center.

These events were held by the SUSU Art Museum, which was founded by order of the rector, Aleksandr Shestakov, in June 2016 due to the gathering collection of works of artists from the Ural region in the Faculty of Art and Culture Studies.

The museum’s collection is mostly gathered through gifts. Today, the collection numbers more than 700 works of various types of decorative and graphical art.

We’d like to name the artists whose personal collections appeared in the university museum by donation from the artists themselves and members of their family, and also by work of the Chelyabinsk organization, Artists’ Union: V.V. Kachalov, D.A. James-Levy, V.G. Shapovalov, V.N. Dyakov, V.P. Merkulov (1936-2010), V.V. Bubnov (1930-2013), N.I. Cherkasov (1919-2013), N.Ya. Tretyakov (1925-2014), A.S. Baganov (1940-2012), N.Ya. Kudrichev, Z.N. Latfulin, F.B. Yergaliev (Ufa), A.V. Savochkin, E. E. Sovochkina, E. A. Shetinkina, P.P. Hodaev, V.P. Vaganov, L.B. Surina, V.N. Skobelev, A.P. Kudryavtsev and L.Ya. Kudryavtseva, and V.A. Neyasov (1926-1984). Today the SUSU Art Museum’s collection is of great value to our artistic and socio-cultural environment.

At the end of the exhibition at the SUSU Art Hall, Lyudmila Nikolaevna Kostina decided to give her triptych, “Decrees of the Soviet Leadership,” created in 1972, to the SUSU Art Museum for display.

For those who weren’t able to see the collection, we’d like to inform you that the exhibition has been extended to February 28th.


Director of the SUSU Art Museum, Galina Trifonova; photo by Sergey Zhatkov
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Maria Ilyina
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