“You need to be able to set a goal and work hard”: hero-student of SMO Andrey Kuzovlev

SUSU hosted a meeting of students of the Institute of Engineering and Technology with the hero of the SMO, the holder of two “Orders of Courage” Andrey Kuzolev. It was held as part of the “Dialogue on Equal Terms”, a project of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh), during which famous people from the world of politics, sports, culture and business meet and communicate with students.

Andrey Kuzovlev is 42 years old; he is the father of five children. He went to the special military operation zone as a volunteer. He is currently studying at SUSU. He told the students about himself and his family, about he went to the front, about battles, soldier’s friendship and mutual assistance, gave many examples of how professionally, skillfully, bravely, courageously our fighters and commanders act. The hero of the SMO emphasized that representatives of many nationalities and religions are fighting shoulder to shoulder for our Homeland.

Answering the students’ questions Andrey Kuzovlev paid special attention: everyday our soldiers and commanders risk their health and lives, often get wounded and injured and sometimes die so that we can all live, work, study in peace at least relative tranquility. When asked what the participants of the SMO need, Andrey Kuzovlev replied that our army of course receives everything necessary – both weapons and ammunition. But support is always important, so many caring Russian citizens strive to help our soldiers in any way possible. He explained what is specifically needed in the area of self-defense: drones help to detect the enemy – and at the same time not to expose themselves to enemy bullets; good binoculars and thermal imagers, bulletproof vests and helmets are never too much. And obviously, you need something that helps to make life at the frontline more comfortable: portable stoves, hiking baths, clothes and shoes, household and hygiene items…

During the meeting, they talked about patriotism, a sense of duty, heroism, courage, honor and honesty, friendship, mutual help, decency. As Andrey Kuzovlev explained: an honest person, even in an extreme situation will not be afraid to himself and his comrades that he is scared but will try to overcome fear, because he will be ashamed in front of his soldiers. And the dishonest one will hide behind the backs of his friends.

It was not only about their own but also about many other issues that young people cannot help but to worry about: traditional values, family happiness, children – and here Andrey Kuzovlev recalled the continuity of generations, traditions, responsibility to the past and the future. The participant wished the students to successfully master professions, to be ready to stand up for the Fatherland. And also, to create strong families and to fulfill their dreams.

“You need to be able to set a goal, work hard, be purposeful, properly manage resources, including time – then everything will work out”, - noted Andrey Kuzovlev.

They even addressed the issue of the ecology. As the hero of the SMO emphasizes, everyone should ask himself how he can be useful to the Motherland, what he has done for Russia. At the same time, according to the strong believe of the Knight of the Orders of Courage, our country needs an evolutionary, not a revolutionary path of development: everyone should do everything to make our state a better place. Yes, not everything in life is perfect, including the environment, but you need to be able to interact with the authorities, to solve problems legally.

“I served in the army myself – and the topic of the SMO is certainly worries me”, - shared impressions Valery Merdanov, a participant of the meeting, student of the SUSU Institute of Engineering and Technology. - “The meeting was interesting and useful from the point of view of educating young people in the spirit of patriotism”.

The students liked the event, because they could discuss their concerns. The students learned the truthful information about the special military operation firsthand, from its direct participant. This is especially important, because there are a lot of lies about the situation on the Internet.

Andrey Kuzovlev is always interested in communicating with young people – students, schoolchildren. He is convinced that the younger generation should understand that in the course of their struggle they are fighting for their Homeland, for our families, so that all the horror that the war brings will never come to our land.

Текст: Иван Загребин, фото: Дарья Маковлева
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