AES trains engineers for the country's technological sovereignty

Since this year, SUSU has been training highly qualified engineering personnel at the Advanced Engineering School of Engine Building and Special Equipment "Heart of the Urals". "Advanced Engineering Schools" is a federal project launched on the initiative of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin in 2022. It is aimed at training qualified engineering personnel for high-tech sectors of the economy. 

In 2023, the South Ural State University was among the universities that won the competitive selection with a project for an advanced engineering school, which is designed to accumulate best practices, scientific achievements, advanced engineering and production experience and, on this basis, ensure the training of engineers with new quality skills in the field of engine building and special equipment.


The school director, Sergei Taran, spoke about the advantages and prospects of the Heart of the Urals AES.

– What is unique about the advanced engineering school “Heart of the Urals”?

– The uniqueness of the AES “Heart of the Urals” is that it is aimed at developing the engine-building industry and creating a new generation of special equipment, including the development of equipment for smart cities and intelligent control systems for special vehicles. This is a center for advanced training of engineers who are competitive in the modern labor market and capable of ensuring the technological sovereignty of the country. AES students have the opportunity to conduct research, participate in developments, and gain knowledge from leading scientists, specialists, and practitioners of such scientific and technological leaders of the country in their field as NAMI, the Kurchatov Institute Research Center, KAMAZ, etc. Among the partners are the flagship of Russian mechanical engineering, AZ Ural, as well as ChTZ-Uraltrak, KurganDorMash, the SpetsAgregat plant, and others.

– What is the novelty of the approaches to educational and scientific activities within the framework of the AES?

– We have developed specialized training programs focused on the needs of modern industry. This allows students to gain practical knowledge and skills that meet the requirements of the labor market from the first day of training, as well as immerse themselves in the engineering environment, culture and traditions of leading enterprises in the industry. Students take an active part in proactive research projects in the interests of industrial partners, which will contribute to the development of teamwork, leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills.

– What advantages does an advanced engineering school provide in training future engineers?

– The advanced engineering school was created to provide students with the best opportunities to prepare for a future engineering career. The educational process takes place using modern digital technologies and equipment in new laboratories. A graduate of the AES "Heart of the Urals" receives a diploma in two specialties, practical experience in the engineering departments of leading companies through internships and practices and participation in the implementation of modern innovative developments. Our goal is not only to give students knowledge, but also to help them develop creative thinking, gain experience in the engineering field and prepare them to solve real problems. Studying at AES opens up wide career opportunities and immediately after receiving a diploma, you can continue your professional career with our partners or at any other enterprise.

– What scientific projects are planned at AES?

– By 2030, it is planned to create more than 20 major innovative developments that will ensure technological sovereignty in the field of engine building and special transport. In each of the areas, there are reserves, and roadmaps have been developed together with partner enterprises. Among the specific examples are a model range of gas piston engines, robotic transport and technological platforms and control systems for them. To implement the ambitious tasks of the PISH, it is necessary to further develop and improve the scientific and educational infrastructure, and the corresponding expenses have already been included in the investment programs of partner enterprises. Significant support is provided by the Government of the Chelyabinsk Region and the Union of Mechanical Engineers of Russia.

– How can students become AES participants?

– Three master's programs have been developed for university graduates: "Engines for Sustainable Development" (13.04.02 "Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering"), "Digital Twins in Engine and Transport Engineering" (09.04.01 "Informatics and Computer Engineering") and "Robotics and Mechatronic Systems" (15.04.06 "Mechatronics and Robotics"). Having entered the state-funded places in the master's program, undergraduate and specialist students can undergo training in additional professional education programs by participating in summer and winter schools.

The federal project "Advanced Engineering Schools" is being implemented within the framework of the Russian Federation state program "Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation".


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