Cheburashka and Oranges: SUSU Philosophers Study Fairy Tale Therapy

Meeting within the Lantern and Butterfly Philosophy Club has been held at SUSU. The discussion topic was not quite a usual one – “Fairy Tale Therapy: My Personal Myth in Re-interpretation of the Plot”.

Starting form 2019, the club participants have been monthly meeting to discuss updates in the philosophers’ community. This time the event poster has drawn attention by the picture of a cute Cheburashka with oranges. Why namely this image?

“Sometimes for our poster we use images fantasized by neural network. But this time we’ve decided that the archetype of Cheburashka could be a vivid illustration of fairy-tale characters,” explained the club organizer Vasilisa Klenovskaia.

Before the discussion, the participants were asked to remember any fairy tale that would pop up in their mind. They came up with The Blue Snake, The Little Red Riding Hood, Kroshecka-Khavroshechka, and The Silver Saucer and the Ripe Juicy Apple.

“First and foremost, our meeting was about the self-exploration. We always try to get to know ourselves better. We considered our favourite fairy-tale plots and searched for a character or a story that would resonate with us the most or would bring out the strongest emotional response. Next, we re-interpreted those stories and created our personal fairy tales in order to reveal the archetype that we unconsciously transfer into our lives,” shared Vasilisa Klenovskaia.

Not only curious students, but SUSU alumni are also members of this club.

“It’s been a long time since I graduated from our university. I actually majored in instrumentation engineering, which is in no way related to philosophy. But I enjoy studying it, and I even used to write articles for some journals. Now we gather with other guys and discuss something new, and share our ideas and thoughts,” said alumnus Evgeniia Nurumova.

The Lantern and Butterfly Philosophy Club is a discussion platform, in the activities of which you could participate even if you do not know much about philosophy. The main thing is your strife for self-exploration. The club’s task is by means of a simple dialogue and communication to enter the dimension of deep thinking and searching for truth.

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