All for the Sake of Love: Musical Performance Held at SUSU in Honour of March 8th

On the eve of International Women's Day, a bright festive performance took place at South Ural State University.

The SUSU Rector Alexander Wagner congratulated students and employees of the university on the upcoming holiday:

"I congratulate our beautiful women on March 8th and wish each of you love so that it does not leave you. Love can be different: for mother, teacher, friends, brothers, sisters, colleagues and employees, children and students. I wish that this feeling fills each of us, grows stronger and does not even think of fading away. Happy holiday to you!"

Every year, on the eve of International Women's Day, the SUSU Recreation Centre presents a creative project. It has become a wonderful and good tradition − the creation of a festive performance by the joint efforts of SUSU staff, teachers and students. This time the script was based on the play An Ordinary Miracle by Evgeny Schwartz.

"I am very glad that everyone has gathered in our hall today. We have prepared a musical performance − a love story. A girl and a boy fall in love with each other, quarrel, and die of love. The strength of their feelings grows to such a height that miracles begin to happen around them. In the lovers’ story, everything got confused, twisted, but suddenly unravelled," Svetlana Filipchuk, Director of the SUSU Creativity and Recreation Centre, shared the idea of the play.

According to the plot of the musical play, a wizard, in order to show his love for his wife, puts on a kind of performance. Several years ago, he met a bear in the forest and turned it into a man, putting a special condition into the magic spell − if the princess kisses him, the young man will turn into a beast again.

At their first meeting, the young man and the princess fall in love with each other, but they are not destined to be together. Out of anguish, the young princess prepares for death. Suddenly, the young man finds the princess to kiss her, being prepared to transform into an animal and die from a hunter’s bullet. But here a real miracle happens! Contrary to the expectations and magic of the wizard, after the kiss the hero remains a human being.

"I really liked the performance because students, staff and teachers are together on the same stage, everyone is relaxed, getting used to their roles. The end result was a wonderful final. Being the main character is very responsible, but it’s worth it," shared her emotions a student of the SUSU Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service Irina Karabatova, who played the main character.

Throughout the day, warm and sincere wishes were addressed to the fair half of South Ural State University. And this performance became one of the festive surprises on the eve of the spring women's celebration.

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