Alexander Wagner Took Part in the Meeting of the Council on Higher Education and Science under the Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region

Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region Alexey Texler chaired the Council meeting. In the course of the meeting, the head of our region, leaders and scientists of universities summed up the results of the Year of Science and discussed the priority directions of development of our region’s scientific potential. The governor congratulated the representatives of the scientific community on their professional holiday and reported that the interest in research activity is growing across our whole country. The integration of science and production remains a priority.

“We must ensure the integration of science and regional programs of development. In order to strengthen our region’s research and technology potential, it is important to meet our priorities. First, it is the uncompromising fulfilment of all the tasks set before science and production with regards to the special military operation, and fulfilment of the state defence order. Second, it is the dynamic development of the research-and-production cooperation, creation of new Russian technologies, and the increase of the interest of business in the development of the science-and-technology and innovation activities. And third, it is the attraction of talented young people into the field of research and development and helping them stay to work there,” noted Alexey Texler.

According to the governor, our region creates the conditions for boosting the research and technological development: 

  • big-scale program on the Development of Science in the Chelyabinsk Region is in progress;
  • in the end of 2023, following the decision by the Federal Committee on the Research and Technological Development, our region became one of the 20 pilot entities of Russia that will be working on the integrated state programs on the research and technological development;
  • Chelyabinsk Region actively participated in the forming of propositions regarding the federal concept of technological development for the period till 2030;
  • as part of the new format of interaction between universities and their industrial partners, a department for teaching the new technologies in metallurgical industry and machine processing was created at SUSU jointly with PG KONAR company;
  • Advanced Engineering School “Heart of the Urals” was created at SUSU jointly with its industrial partners;
  • practice of partial reimbursement of expenses on research, development and engineering for industrial enterprises and agricultural companies will continue to be implemented;
  • grant support will be offered to fundamental and applied research and developments jointly with the Russian Science Foundation;
  • project of a world-class inter-university campus is being implemented (construction of two hotels has almost completed, and six more are planned to be constructed, along with a new training-and-research complex).

Evgenii Gurarii, assistant to the envoy from the President of the Russian Federation in the Ural Federal District noted that the Ural region and its universities have a good standing today:

“I am very grateful to the Chelyabinsk Region, and the work of their team, that they act as a driver in this field. I remember when one year ago Alexey Texler set a mission for you region to enter the top 10 of the leading regions in terms of the research and technological development. Your team has succeeded in this mission. We can see what an obviously good team of the Chelyabinsk universities and regional authorities is being created with regards to their collaboration. You have the understanding you your tasks and goals. Together we compete for the federal resources and projects. We can make it, so it’s important to hold our positions.”

The SUSU Rector Alexander Wagner described our university’s successful practices in terms of implementing the programs on the research and technological interaction in our region. According to the rector, our university is currently fulfilling a number of programs aimed at strengthening our ties with the industrial and technological enterprises of our region and our country. 

To close the Council meeting, Alexey Texler also thanked the industrial partners who support our universities and implement joint projects:

“Our each big project is an investment project and a result of the interaction between universities, science and industrial partners. We can only do it with our joint effort. The results are not bad at all, but we must keep on moving forward. I’ll be expecting new initiatives from you: we can achieve more!”

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