Vladimir Gutenev: SoyuzMash Enterprises and Universities Support Vladimir Putin as the Candidate for Presidency

Within the frameworks of the regional week, Chairman of the State Duma's Committee for Industry and Trade, First Vice-President of the Russian Engineering Union (SoyuzMash) Vladimir Gutenev has held a series of meetings with young people of Samara.

In the course of this dialogue, young people raised various issues: from choosing a profession and staff shortage to providing help to the front and the geopolitical situation. Among the key discussion topics at each meeting were the upcoming presidential elections.

"Young people today have a keen sense of the challenges of our times and are ready to show that they have already picked their side," shared Vladimir Gutenev. 

The deputy stressed that young people not only expressed their full support to our candidate – Vladimir Putin, but also showed their enthusiasm and interest in the possible ways of directly participating in the election process in order to ensure the legitimacy and transparency of the elections. 

At the meeting of the Bureau of the Russian Engineering Union and the League to Support Defense Industry Enterprises held in the end of 2023, the Head of SoyuzMash Sergey Chemezov had stated that the task of the highest priority had been the deployment of the full weight of the available resources in order to support Vladimir Putin.

At the initiative of the All-Russian Political Party "United Russia", January 16th will be the day for gathering signatures supporting the nomination of Vladimir Putin as candidate for presidency. 

"I'm happy to see that our regional subdivisions, enterprises and universities (who are members of SoyuzMash) are already actively engaged in this work. Every member of the Union understands the importance of the choice we must make, and give their support to the Head of the State's course to achieve the complete victory not only at the front, but also when meeting the current internal and external challenges," summarized the First Vice-President of the Russian Engineering Union.

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