Forewarned Is Forearmed: Protecting Ourselves against Viruses

Winter is the time of spreading flu and respiratory infectious diseases. Anyone can become infected. And being in a crowd or at public celebrations increases the chances of transmitting viruses.

Whooping cough and whooping cough-like diseases have now begun to spread in Chelyabinsk. How to avoid this illness?

"You should limit your presence at public events, theatres and clubs. Also continue to adhere to the mask regime, including when communicating with other people. Personal hygiene is also important: rinsing your mouth, cleaning your nose, disinfecting the living space, wet cleaning, and airing the room," says Tatiana Gorbunova, General Practitioner at the SUSU Medical Centre.

The stage and degree of the disease depends not only on the type of virus, but also on the state of the person him/herself: hypothermia, chronic fatigue syndrome, or other diseases. It is possible to become infected not only from a sick person, but also from people self-medicating or having an asymptomatic disease.

Be attentive to these simple rules and stay healthy!

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