Student’s Opinion: El Feleh Omar, Tunisia

El Feleh Omar now has a preparatory year before entering the university. He really loves engineering, programming and plans studying it at South Ural State University. And now he is already studying Russian language, which is rather difficult, as Omar said. But he is ready to cope with it. Omar has an enormous number of hobbies, plans and dreams. And all his speech is full of energy. If you’re ready to recharge your batteries and read about spicy food, winter and many dreams – this interview is for you!

— Where are you from? Can you tell us some words about your country, about your native city?

— I’m from Tunisia, it’s in the North Africa. I was born in the town near the capital – near Tunis. I’ve spent all my life here. And I really love my country, it’s very beautiful. We have all types of nature: in the one part of country we have snow, it’s cold, in the middle of country it’s comfortable weather. And also we have deserts and really hot places!

— Oh, it sounds really awesome! And how many people live in your town?

— In my town there are 10 or 15 thousand people. And in the whole country – approximately 13 or 14 million people. If I remember it right.

— What is your major at SUSU?

— Right now I have a preparatory year. I’m studying the Russian language, also some subjects are starting next month. So I’m going to study engineering next year.

— Oh, it sounds great that you have time to prepare better! And how did you come across SUSU, why did you choose this university?

— I was searching for university which could provide me better future and which would be rather comfortable. After my research I found SUSU. Also I learnt that there was a preparatory year in SUSU. It was fine for me. So I am here! I haven’t regretted my decision!

— And also it’s very interesting to know about your emotions from preparatory process.

— The process is going very well. And the atmosphere around me is really well too. When I go somewhere, when I’m walking, I can already speak with people, I can understand them. And I feel comfortable. The Russian language is not very easy, I realize it. But thanks to my teacher and to the studying process I learn it and feel more and more confident.

— What impressions do you have from Chelyabinsk?

— I love this place. It’s a great city, comparing with my native town it’s really big. I like Ural nature, I went to the forests, for example. And about the city: I’ve visited many places in Chelyabinsk, but I still explore it. 

— Oh, thank you. And was it hard to get used to new place, people, culture?

— Well, about new place… It was first time when I left my country. So I was very excited about everything: about travelling the first time, the new city and life. At the same time, I was just enjoying and seizing the moment. About people – now I have a lot of friends. And we always have good time together!

— What can you say about Russian winter?

— You may find it weird, but I’m a winter guy. I love winter, I love the weather here. I go out every day! The only weather that I don’t like at all – wind. In windy days I stay home. But without wind, even if it’s cold, I’m fond of walking, especially in parks and forests.

— Have you tried Russian food? Did you like it?

— I have tried some dishes, but most of all I like spicy food. In our culture all food is very spicy and hot. When I tried something new, it was delicious. But it didn’t fit my tastes.

— And is it difficult to find dishes which would be close to your culture?

— Sometimes it’s hard. But I deal with it. Sometimes I even make my own spices in the dormitory. And all in all I like to cook – even not to eat. I love the process, it’s a kind of hobby. And I think I cook really delicious dishes!

— And if we started talking about hobbies – how else do you spend your free time?

— I have gym practically every day – only 1 day of rest. Also I’m learning to play the guitar. When it’s warm weather, I go skateboarding. I often go out and meet with friends in different places in Chelyabinsk. Also we can meet to watch movies. I really like hanging out with my friends, we’re from different nations and cultures, and it’s awesome!

— How do you feel about Russian people? Maybe there were unusual or funny situations.

— Since my flight and road to Chelyabinsk everybody was really cool. When I got here, I met some Russian friends, and they helped me very much with everything. Just imagine: I don’t know the language, I don’t know the culture. But thanks to my Russian friends I’ve coped with everything! Also in my guitar school I’ve met very nice people. They’re ready to help me with language, with my guitar.

— What do you think about attracting international students to different universities? Is it a good idea?

— I think it’s a good idea – both for universities and for students. Thanks to this idea universities can attract some talented students. And they can bring new interesting projects which will develop this university or the city, or maybe even the country. And for students it’s great because they get an opportunity to learn new culture, to find majors, skills and professions the are really want to master. Because the world is so big and different.

— If it’s not a secret, can you tell us about your plans and dreams?

— My dream is just to leave the way that I want, to try everything I want, to travel a lot, to see all the corners of the Earth. And for these plans I need a lot of money. But being rich is not my dream, it’s just the way to make my dreams come true. I want to have great job. My passion is programming, computing, I really like it. And I don’t want to be someone who goes to the job at 8 in the morning from Monday to Friday! I want to live free, to be a freelancer, to do projects on my own and send them to companies… And I don’t want to be tied to one place. I want to have enough time for my job and for things that I love: playing basketball, skateboarding, playing guitar… I love a lot of things! And I want to have them all in my life!


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