From Cuba to Chelyabinsk for a Master’s Degree

South Ural State University is the most famous university in South Ural and no wonder international students choose it to get their education. It offers various programs including International Relations, Philology, Linguistics, Economics, Mechatronics and Robotics, Power Engineering and many others. Also a student can choose a Bachelor’s or Master’s program taught in English.      

What are the prospects of Russian education? How do students adapt to life in another country? We ask Mailyn Teresa Gonzalez Quintin, a student from Cuba, who is getting her Master’s degree in Strategic and Innovation Marketing in the School of Economics and Management.

- Why do you like Russia, Chelyabinsk and SUSU?

- I like Russia because it is careful to preserve its traditions. I admire the tribute that they offer every year to all those who fought in World War II. The first time I saw that tribute it was very shocking for me and it taught me to love the Russian people much more.

SUSU is something special as it exceeded all my expectations - I like my program and admire my teachers. But the thing that should be highlighted is the commitment of all the university staff (professors, administration staff and student association) towards us, international students, they are always willing to support us and help to solve any problem.

- Why did you choose to study in Russia? It is so far from your country.

- You know Russia and Cuba have a long history of relationships. Many people in Cuba know Russian language. My first visit here was in 2017 for work reasons as I worked for a company which had some commercial relations with Russian companies. From that moment I liked its culture, food and customs. When making the decision to study abroad, I took Russia into consideration because it was a country that I already knew and that the tuition cost I could bear.

- What was your greatest challenge about living in Russia?

- The main challenge was the weather. I come from an island in the Caribbean where it is always summer and for me 15ºC was already cold. Here I had to adapt my body to the low temperatures of the Russian winter. Another challenge was the language. I have been through very funny situations, from buying totally wrong kinds of food to getting on buses whose routes were modified by repairs on the city roads and thus I get to places that I had never been before.

- What was your first impression about South Ural State University?

- My first impression was the organization that the university has, and my first experience was with the international student office. It is easy to follow each of the steps for admission to the university and immigration documents.

- What do you remember most about your study? What subjects are your favourite ones?

- My favorite topics in my program are Brand Management and the Creation of Business Ideas (Strategic Management). I'm always thinking of new ideas or how to improve the things that already exist.

- How do you plan to use your education in future?

- I want to start my own business in the construction sector, as that is my first profession. There I will be able to combine the knowledge of management, marketing and civil engineering.

- Did the Association of International Students and Alumni and the Center for Sociocultural Adaptation assist in any questions?

- Yes, they did. They welcomed me to the city and continue to be very supportive whenever I need it. I want to say “thank you” to the university for organising the Club and the Association as I never feel lonely here in Chelyabinsk. The members of the organisations and my teachers are always ready to help,  provide care and support just like my family always does. I had the experience of studying at another Russian university and the experience wasn’t a lucky one. The administration didn’t help to get used to the country. For a newcomer in the country it was very difficult.     

- Do you take part in student life (volunteer center, School of young leaders, sport clubs, dance clubs, choir)?

- Yes, I do.  I am a member of the International Communication Club (M-Club) which is a non-profit social group dedicated to achieving harmony between local Chelyabinsk residents and international students.

- Do you plan to comу back home after graduation or do you want to stay and work in Russia?

- I want to live in Canada, it is something I have been dreaming of for many years. My first plan is to obtain a work contract and after settling in that country to be able to develop my own business.

- Why do many universities try to attract international students for studying?

- I think that while universities have a greater diversity of cultures and countries that makes them richer in knowledge and experience. There would be a direct exchange of knowledge between student-student and also student-teacher, which would benefit everyone. In the beginning it would be a challenge, but later they will manage to have more complete and valid programs for students from any country.

- What would you wish your compatriots who are choosing a university now?

- I recommend my compatriots to apply to SUSU. At this university you will have a wonderful experience, and the city, despite being small, is beautiful and full of history. Here they will make you feel that the most important thing is learning.


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Valentina Metelyova, photos by Danil Rakhimov
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