SUSU Student from India Shares His Impressions About Studying

South Ural State University is one of the leading Russian multidisciplinary universities with the fundamental scientific basis and high standards of specialist training. The university is multinational and nowadays is a home for more than 2,000 international students from 54 countries.

Tathagata Chowdhury came to Russia from India to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechatronics and Robotics. Our international student agreed to answer some questions.

- Why did you choose Russia to study?

- The main reason for me and my family was quality education at affordable fees.

- How did your family feel about your moving to another country?

- Of course, they were a little bit worried. I guess it is hard for any family to allow their son or daughter to leave them and go to another country for quite a long period of time. But my family was very supportive of my choice as they understood the meaning of good education.

- What do you do in your free time?

- If I have it, I learn Russian, go for a walk or surf the Internet. Actually studies take most of my time and sometimes the only thing I want is just to do nothing. 

- Who helped you to get used to living in another country and overcome the language barrier?

- Language barrier is the reason why a newcomer will always feel uncomfortable and he’d better start learning the language before coming to the country.  As you know, to help international students get used to the peculiarities of life in Russia there are the International Student Tutoring Team, Center for Sociocultural Adaptation and Association of International Students and Alumni at SUSU. My tutor, who helped a lot, was Tharindu-Devinda Mendis. He is also a SUSU student from Sri-Lanka. And I got a lot of help from my Egyptian friends.

- What do you like most about life after classes?

- I think this is the feeling of satisfaction when you complete the tasks in class. After it I understand that I have learnt something new and it will help me become a good specialist in future.

- Is the local climate suitable for you? How do you stand Russian winter?

- Frankly speaking, I don't have any problems with the weather. It is cool to walk around the city in any weather, whether it is rainy, sunny or snowy.

- Do you have any idea what company you’d like to work after graduation?

- My dream is to work in a well known company in Europe or Russia like SMS Group or Kaspersky.

- What perspectives does a specialist with a Russian diploma have in your country? Do you plan to come back home after graduation or do you want to stay and work in Russia?

- Actually the reviews are different, some people appreciate getting a specialist with a degree from Russia, but some say such a degree is not enough to get a job. As for me, I want to stay in Russia after my studies if I get a job here.

- Tell some words about the field of science you are studying in.

- I have chosen Mechatronics Engineering as I have a desire to work with robots and make human life much easier. Also I have a dream to work with AI in Aviation. I guess if a person has a burning desire and interest to do well in his field, he will get success sooner or later. I hope that's my perspective.

- Do you have any opportunities for academic studies at the university?

- There are some great laboratories at the university and I think my group and I will be allowed to create interesting projects in the field of Mechatronics in the future.

- What do you advise an applicant who only chooses a university in Russia?

- I would advise them to choose a university which is world ranked and has an affordable fees structure, just like SUSU.



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Valentina Metelyova, photos from Tathagata Chowdhury’s archive
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