Student's Opinion: Ziad Ezzat Hamed, Egypt

South Ural State University is the most famous university in South Ural and no wonder international students choose it to get their education. It offers various programs including International Relations, Philology, Linguistics, Economics, Mechatronics and Robotics, Power Engineering and many others. Also a student can choose a Bachelor’s or Master’s program taught in English.     

Ziad Ezzat Hamed, a SUSU student from Egypt, shares his impressions on living and studying in Chelyabinsk. 

- Why did you choose Russia to study?

- Russia has one of the greatest education systems in the world but at the same time the cost of education suits everyone as there is a variety of universities with various price ranges. It is impossible to imagine that you won’t find a program you are interested in. The programs and specializations here are so wide and there is a concern on everything including the labs and facilities for studies and life.

Russia offers a competitive and flexible academic environment. The academic standards here are of high prestige, and the universities provide you with a solid foundation for all the programs. There are professional professors for each course, excellent facilities, labs, activities, etc. And all of these are offered at a reasonable price.

- How did your family feel about your moving to another country?

- I guess it is hard for any family to let their son or daughter travel to another country for quite a long period of time. Here comes the problems as they need to choose whether to forbid their children to leave the parents’ home or to support them with traveling and achieving their goals. So this was the hardest moment at least for my family.

- What kind of challenges did you have in getting a student visa?

- Actually there were no challenges for me. The procedures of getting a student visa are not complicated and they do not take much effort. After applying for a university a student can contact the international student office for sending an invitation by which he can apply for a visa. The visa processing time can be rushed in a few days, but if you need it urgently you may pay some fees and get it the next day.

-  How did you get into university? Say some words about your experience.

- I applied for the university online because I was here in Chelyabinsk, and I was so amazed by the speed of the procedures. I just needed my high school diploma, passport, migration card, registration, and a certificate that I studied the Russian language (only required for Russian-language-taught programs). After delivering my documents I got a new visa in a week and a new registration in a couple of days so I did not face any difficulties. Cheers to the staff of SUSU for my perfect application!

- What are the strengths of the department that you would mention?

- I am a student at the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering which is a part of the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. I think the real strength of our department is the events, different activities, competitions and Olympiads held to encourage the students to become more experienced and use hard and soft skills. And of course, there are some good rewards! In our department there are labs for each course and they are equipped with all the instruments we need to do this work. All the things make any student fully engaged in the program which he or she is studying.

-  Is the local climate suitable for you? How do you stand Russian winter?

- Chelyabinsk is one of the Russian cities with freezing cold weather. But I guess you hear the saying “There’s no bad weather, there are bad clothes”. If you get ready and buy suitable clothes, everything will be OK. When streets are covered with snow and it is cold, all the restaurants, apartments, taxis, dorms, stores, etc. are equipped with heating systems so you will feel like it in summer.

- What is the most difficult subject for you?

- I study in the Russian language so all the subjects are kinda hard for me. The main problem is that the vocabularies which are used in the general conversation are not typical with the ones you will face inside the classroom or in books. You know that in a conversation with your friend you will not be talking about physics, programming,  etc. so you need to learn conversational vocabularies and the scientific vocabularies.

As for my program, in the first three semesters we study software engineering and now there are some more difficult subjects like Microcontrollers, Arduino, Circuitry, Computer Architecture, Peripheral, and programming as well.

- What do you advise an applicant who only chooses a university in Russia?

- For whoever is planning to study in Russia, I advise you to study the Russian language first. It will make your life here much easier.


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