Student’s Opinion: Humam Khaleel Ibrahim, Iraq

Humam is getting his Bachelor's Degree in  Information Technologies and Systems at SUSU School of Economics and Management. Despite being miles away from home, he feels welcomed here in Chelyabinsk and South Ural State University. He loves participating in different events and wishes to become a good specialist in the future. Read on to learn more about his experiences at SUSU.

- Why do you like Russia, Chelyabinsk and SUSU?

- The best thing about Chelyabinsk is that there are many nationalities, and they all live in love, respect and peace. I feel like home here. And the university does everything for international students to help them adapt in a new city - there are many different groups that work hard to support an international student from the moment he arrives and fill out his registration documents, hold meetings and parties throughout the year.

- Why did you choose to study in Russia?

- Russia is one of the leading countries in the field of information systems and technology, so I decided to come here and gain knowledge.

- What was your family reaction when they learnt you would leave for another country?

- In fact, this is not the first time that I have traveled to seek knowledge. My parents traveled to Turkey when I was fifteen and decided to stay and live in the country. So I finished my school there. From my point of view and from my parents’ view, every step of travel is an opportunity to gain a culture and learn a new language. That’s why they were supportive of the idea of coming to Russia.

- What was your first impression about South Ural State University?

- On my first day here, I got assistance in filling out my documents for registration at the university, so I realized that the university staff is really loving and supportive of international students.

- How do you plan to use your education in future?

- Now I am working on my graduation project - I have a big plan to create a website with a large database of clients in order to provide a specific service. Hope it will become my business in the future. 

- What was your greatest challenge about living in Russia?

- The biggest challenge is the language, of course. Language for me is the first step for adaptation and inclusion in society and a key to unlocking all obstacles in the place where I am. So I tried hard to learn it. 

- Did the Association of International Students and Center for Sociocultural Adaptation assist in any questions?

- When I had some questions about the university and the process of document registration at the university, they were always ready to help. 

- Do you take part in student life?

- Yes, I was a tutor for about two years and helped many international students.

- What perspectives does a specialist with a Russian diploma have in your country? 

- As Russia is one of the leaders in most fields in the world, getting a diploma in any major here will give a person a great opportunity to become successful in his field. 

- Why do many universities try to attract international students to study?

- To my mind, the main things are the exchange of cultures and science, the strengthening of relations between countries, and the message that everyone is welcomed here.

- Do you keep in touch with your compatriots who got SUSU degree? Where do they work?

- I am in contact with them - some became university teachers, some became deans of different faculties, and others are already working in their specializations as technical engineers, network engineers and accountants. 

- What would you wish your compatriots who are choosing a university now?

- Do not hesitate to study in other countries! Take this step, come to Russia, you will get new knowledge, learn the culture and language of a very beautiful country, and you will receive help from the first day.



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Valentina Meteleva, photo by Evgenii Zagoskin
Event date: 
Wednesday, 5 October, 2022 - 09:15
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