Taking Big Steps to Success: How Students Choose Country to Study In

Moving to another country gives a great advantage to students and aspiring specialists: all you need to do is choose a place where your field of choice is well-developed and head off to learn from the best so you can join their ranks in the future.
University institutions all over the world are interested in ambitious applicants and always help students adapt to a new place. They are welcomed. Young academics who have chosen education in Russia have shared their experience of studying abroad. They talked about their achievements and how their life and work at South Ural State University (SUSU) is arranged.
Dr. Bagaleu Uday from Warangal, India Came to Russia in 2018
I have been living in Chelyabinsk for three and a half years now. After defending my thesis in chemical engineering at the National Institute of Technology Warangal, India, I decided to continue my research in another country. And when I heard about the latest Russian developments in the field of biotechnology, I had a burning desire to work at SUSU.
For a scientist, moving to another country is a great opportunity to raise his scientific work to a higher level. I learned a lot in the field of food and biotechnology and can now compete with strong researchers. Moreover, because of the education and experience I gained in India, I have been offered an interesting job in the field of packaging material development.
Now I am a senior researcher at the SUSU Department of Food and Biotechnology. This year alone, I have had four publications in Scopus magazine (Scopus is a unified international scientific database - ed. note Sputnik). It was also a great achievement for me to win the young scientist competition. I won a three-year grant to develop a double food-enriching emulsion.
To be honest, I never had any acute feelings about leaving my country. In fact, I consider Chelyabinsk my second home. As long as I work or do my research, I feel comfortable here. My instructor and lab colleagues are always there for me, whether it's my work or just a walk through the city. Furthermore, SUSU launched English-language programs last year. The language will help in traveling abroad to build up my research work. I think science is the only field where people from all the countries can work together to make progress around the world. Science knows no borders.
Uvindu Wijeweera, Postgraduate Student, President of the South Ural Association of International Students and Alumni
I come from Sri Lanka, but I have been studying at SUSU for seven years: I completed my bachelor's and master's degrees in political theory and now I am a postgraduate student in my final year. My research work and future career are closely connected with history. And I am very interested in studying and analyzing the development of other countries, it is very important for a political scientist. Even as a child, I read a lot about Russian literature and, of course, in the end I wanted to see everything with my own eyes. My parents also inspired me to go to another country: my father received part of his education abroad.
In addition to a good political science education, my university invests in the recreation, sports, and social life of its students. I think this is an especially important point for humanitarian professionals on their way to harmonious and well-rounded development, and it is also of great interest to students from other countries. When I came to SUSU, they helped me adapt: they helped me to understand everyday problems and to get acquainted with the culture and classmates. Many foreigners study in English programs or study the first year in Russian at a preparatory faculty. By the way, most of the guys from other countries have never seen winter. It was in Chelyabinsk that I saw snow for the first time in my life.
The experience of working at the international student association has helped me a lot in my studies and academics. Political science is a public science, often public and communication-driven, so a leadership position has proven to be a good place to practice my communication skills.
In general, it seems to me that going through one of the stages of education abroad is a good decision for today's student. This is a great opportunity to get to know a new culture and country. Talent is appreciated in all corners of the planet, and if you have the desire to develop in big steps, the desire to work at the international level, it is worth thinking about discovering this huge world for yourself as early as possible: start from your desires and choose the best of the options.

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