How to Make Water Cleaner and Food Healthier: Indian Scientists Talk About Their Research

Every researcher dreams of working in a modern lab and releasing their scientific works, but another important factor is being surrounded by professional and inspired colleagues. That's why many scientists travel to other nations to share their knowledge and gain international experience.

What kind of scientific developments are Indian scientists in Russia involved in? Young researchers from South Ural State University (SUSU) in Chelyabinsk have taken time out from their schedules to talk about their work.

Dr S. Venkata Ramana Creating New Modern Biotech Lab

Senior researcher from SUSU's Biotechnology Department, Dr S. Venkata Ramana, is working on creating a new biotech laboratory to produce fuels and chemicals from agro-food waste and wastewater under the supervision of the chair of the Department of Food and Biotechnologies, Professor Irina Potoroko.

"A whole variety of crops are being grown all over the world and agro-economic activities are being carried out. At the same time, we can see a high level of consumption and demand for healthy foods. Agro-economic activities produce agricultural and food waste in large quantities. Agricultural enterprises must recycle waste and wastewater, which negatively impacts the climate and the environment. Finding an effective solution to agro-food waste, wastewater, and global climate change issues is crucial for sustainable development", Dr Venkata Ramana explained.

He said that day-to-day biotechnology is constantly being studied to ensure our ecosystem's well-being, to transform pollutants, to develop biodegradable materials, and environmentally-friendly manufacturing and recycling processes. The new, modern lab that Dr Venkata Ramana, along with his fellow scientists from SUSU, are working on will make it possible to conduct the most up-to-date research in this field.

"The thing that I like about SUSU the most is people. They are real professionals.

RIA Novosti, photo by Elena Potoroko
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