Ruslan Peshkov, Lecturer of the Institute of Engineering and Technology: “Research Is Alive and Developing”

After graduating from SUSU, a former student of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering did not have an intention to leave the university. According to Ruslan Peshkov, modern South Ural State University provides great opportunities for both students and teachers.

– Ruslan, for how many years have you been associated with the university?

- My acquaintance with SUSU began when I entered the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering in 2004. After receiving higher education I completed postgraduate studies, defended my thesis of a Candidate of Sciences and began teaching at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, which is now part of the SUSU Institute of Engineering and Technology.

– What brought you to the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering?

- When applying to the university, I had been studying the brochure with a description of specialties for a long time. I had been very interested in the specialty related to the rocket technology. I had had the impression that there I would be taught everything and even more! Rocket technology has always been at the forefront of science, where the most modern technical solutions are introduced. And that's the way it happened. During my studies, I was really interested in my specialty, and now I do not regret my choice at all.

Photo: Ruslan Peshkov

- How has the university changed from the time you began your studies there until the beginning of your teaching career?

- Every year more and more opportunities appear at SUSU for carrying out research and educational activities. The university administration always supports new and promising fields, promotes the purchase of the necessary equipment, and internships. Since the beginning of the academic year before last one, SUSU started to implement project-based learning, which is based on interdisciplinary projects ordered by enterprises with an output in the form of a final product. From the experience of our faculty, I can say that this is bearing fruit, since students gain experience of working in a large team, similar in structure to that of the enterprises in their industry, as well as additional knowledge in the process of communicating with students of other fields of study.

- In 2020, you became the Best Teacher of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. What inspires you to work with full dedication?

- No doubt, the main motivation in any activity is the internal motivation of the person him-or herself, but I am convinced that students also inspire the teacher. When you see a student's interest in mastering your subject, you want to improve teaching methods and give as much knowledge and skills as possible that will be useful in future professional activities.

– What research achievements of yours are you proud of?

- At present, as my main achievement in science, I consider the defence of the thesis of a Candidate of Sciences in the very specialty I wanted it to be in. The works are of a confidential nature, so I cannot describe them in detail, but I am glad that I have managed to participate in the development of those products that are currently being used in our country.

– What are you interested in apart from research?

- I have hobbies including sports. I especially like athletics, in particular, long-distance races - it is necessary to correctly distribute forces to achieve the set goal. It is the same in life, because if you set a goal, then you need to achieve it and not stop halfway.

- Who supports you in your endeavours, do you have followers?

- I have always been supported by the administration of the department, faculty and the institute. I am very grateful to the staff of our department, its young specialists, with whom, in addition to working relations, we have developed friendly relations as well. We have managed to form a small group of students, whom it is very interesting to teach. I hope that some of them will take great interest in this field and will continue the work I started.

In general, it is pleasant when, after delivering a report at a conference, someone approaches you and asks for advice on solving a particular problem, and thus business contacts are established. This suggests that research is alive and developing.

- In your opinion, what needs to be done to achieve even greater success in this field?

- First of all, you need to do what you like, make work your hobby. You should constantly monitor the development of the scientific sphere, read articles and books, communicate at thematic forums and conferences, improve your qualification by taking specialized courses on the development of new software products, and internships at partner enterprises. It is important to understand your goal and what you want to get in the end. On this path, you need to be patient since everything does not always work out the first time, but if you do not give up, then you will definitely achieve success.

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