SUSU Graduate from India: I Want to Continue My Studies in Postgraduate Programme

South Ural State University invites students from different countries from around the world, providing wide opportunities for education and participation in scientific and research activity. In total, about two thousand students from 56 countries are studying at SUSU. Students from China, India, Algeria, Congo, Cameroon, Tajikistan, Iraq, and Syria engage in interesting scientific projects and events that contribute to international cultural exchange. The dialogue among countries is very important in terms of the development and mutual enrichment of cultures, scientific interaction, and understanding of the unifying role of education.

Upasak Bose came to the South Ural from India. Currently, he is completing his Master’s degree programme in Economics at the SUSU School of Economics and Management. We asked him to answer our questions on the experience of studying at the Russian university.

― Why did you choose SUSU? What goals do you set for yourself?

― I am studying at the Master’s degree programme in Economics. Earlier, I had trained for an engineer, this was my first degree. I obtained the Master of Business Administration degree in the field of finance and marketing, as well as diploma in Financial Accounting in my home country. Thanks to this, I was working as a business analyst at a leading IT company in India for 5 years. I chose this programme at SUSU, since it is very similar to my previous education and experience, and it is very important. My goal is to continue my postgraduate studies in Economics at SUSU, and then join the academic community as a staff member or researcher. I would like to continue my work in science and maybe even start teaching.

― What events did you participate in while studying at SUSU?

― I participate in any events or projects, connected with economics, international relations or my field of research. Over these two years, I have taken part in various events, organized by the South Ural Association of International Students (AIS). I took part in the Conference Model of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on the topic of Current Political and Economic Situation in Libya, which was held at Chelyabinsk State University. The conference model of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) on the topic of the Present Time. Political Situation in Syria and Other Middle East Countries was held at SUSU. In addition, I have been participating in the Green Apple marketing contest during these two years and also received awards. Along with the Association of International Students, I organized several Indian festivals such as Diwali and Bengali New Year.

― What are you into when you are not studying? What do you do in your free time?

― I am fond of reading about politics, business and international relations. I am trying to keep up with the latest news. Besides studying, I usually tend to read and work with my academic advisor and academic staff on the publication of articles. I have friends, with whom I spend great time, in and outside the university. I am always trying to take part in scientific events and projects. Together with my academic advisor, I took part in and wrote articles for two scientific conferences in Ekaterinburg. I also published nine scientific articles in various journals. I plan to work on it in the future if I have a chance to continue studying in Russia.

South Ural State University is a participant of Program 5-100, aimed at enhancing competitiveness and recognition of the university in the world. The University is trying to develop collaboration with other countries, involving students and young scientists to work jointly on projects and research.

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