Let us Sing, Friends! In Honour of the Great Victory, the SUSU Recreation Centre Performs Songs of the War Years

In this new and difficult period, when the whole world has to stay on self-isolation, the students and team leaders of the SUSU Recreation Centre continue to rehearse and prepare online for our country's greatest holiday, Victory Day! The teams of the Recreation Centre have prepared video performances, where they have demonstrated not only their performing skills, but also put in a piece of their soul.

Primavera Choir under the Leadership of Aleksei Prosekov Performs the Famous Song Katyusha (music by М. Blanter, lyrics by М. Isakovsky).

One of the most well-known war songs, in fact, was created in the pre-war years. Surprisingly, a rather simple and catchy song motive conquered almost the whole world. In the Italian version, the popular song was called Katarina. After the war, Katyusha in its new interpretation appeared in Israel and even in China. The song became one of the most striking symbols of the Great Patriotic War; it helped to survive through the horrors of the war. The song warmed the soul and raised the spirit of the soldiers in the most difficult moments. Thanks to the songs, people did not give up and believed in their victory.


Male-voice Choir of the Automobile and Tractor Engineering Faculty under the Leadership of Nonna Streltsova and Liubov Streltsova, Performs the Red Poppies Song (music by Yu. Antonov, lyrics by G. Pozhenyan).

The lyrical song by the famous composer Yuri Antonov, who was born in the year of the Great Victory, was written in his signature manner: very friendly, sincere and touching. Simple but deep lines of war songs supported and tuned for victory, spoke of patriotism, strong friendship and, of course, about belief in the best and love.


Georgy Anokhin, Head and Concertmaster of the SUSU Jazz Orchestra Together with the Baby Jazz Studio and the Chelyabinsk Flute Orchestra Performed the War Song of Evening in the Harbour (music by Solovyov-Sedoi, lyrics by A. Churkin).

The teams, that repeatedly performed at the university, prepared and performed the famous war song in the Georgy Anokhin’s arrangement
It is also known as Let Us Sing, Friends and Farewell, Beloved City, and it was written in August 1941. It is an extremely lyrical and humming melody that the soldiers were fond of. The sadness and sorrow from leaving your beloved ones, expressed in the song, were understandable. A powerful internal force, embedded in the music, supported and urged to go to the defence of the homeland.

The SUSU students and graduates, actors of the Mannequin Theatre Studio, headed by V. Filonov, took part in the Wall of Remembrance action on May 9 in a new format. This year, the Intersvyaz company with the support of the Government of the Chelyabinsk Region also organized the collection of photographs and stories of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. But this time, the stories will be heard throughout the city, voiced by the actors of the Mannequin Theatre Studio. The letters of war will become thousands of podcasts.  

“Today we wish not to just simply congratulate everyone on the Great Victory Day, but also to try to show how grateful we are for it,” says Svetlana Filipchuk, Director of the SUSU Recreation Centre. “This is a very memorable and exciting holiday for each resident of our country, which we celebrate as the tribute to the memory and deep respect of the glorious defenders of Russia, to all who heroically brought the long-awaited day of liberation closer at the frontline and on the home front. This is what unites us and makes us stronger in the face of any difficulties. The Victory still helps us overcome obstacles and inspires us for new achievements. We tried very hard and sincerely wish everyone a peaceful sky, prosperity and inexhaustible faith in a better future for Russia. Happy Great Victory Day!”

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