Institute of Linguistics and International Communications Invites to Obtain Master’s Degree in Topical Programmes

The SUSU Institute of Linguistics and International Communications invites students to obtain Master’s degrees in three promising fields. These fields meet the requirements of modern employers, as well as of the globalization and digitalization of the world society.

Regional Integration in Modern World

Nowadays, the relations among the countries tend more and more often to be built not only on the governmental, but also on the regional level. The Chelyabinsk Region has a major advantage in that: it is situated on the border territory and can find points of interaction with Asian republics through the neighbouring Kazakhstan. The high-class specialists in the field of regional aspects of the global political, legal, economic and information space are being trained at the Institute of Linguistics and International Communications (ILIC). The new Master’s degree programme in Regional Integration in Modern World, in the International Relations field, has been opened specially for them.

“The Regional Integration in Modern World profile is relevant in the context of the specifics of the Chelyabinsk Region. We are located near Kazakhstan, in the border zone, one may say. We are also an multiethnic region: up to 46 nationalities live in the Chelyabinsk Region. Each year, there are more and more representatives of the People's Republic of China, mostly due to the fact that Russia participates in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. We have to timely integrate into the modern world considering the regional specifics, join the international society and promote ties establishment on all levels,” said Valentina Maksimova, Associate Professor of the Department of International Relations, Politology and Regional Studies.

The students, who choose the Master’s degree programme in Regional Integration in Modern World, will learn how to understand the megatrends and global issues, regional problems of economic security, the implementation of international law, international marketing and management. Thanks to the multi-aspect educational process, the graduates will be in demand with the public authorities, communication and marketing agencies, and large enterprises of the region (to work in the departments of international economic activity).

Detailed Information on the Programme:

Tel: 8(351)2723300; 8(351)2679414
E-mail: shestakovali[at]susu[dot]runikitinlv[at]susu[dot]ru 
Web site:


Political Management

For more than 20 years, political experts have been trained at South Ural State University, but just recently the Institute of Linguistics and International Communications has started to manage the programme. With the help of the ILIC the list of the main disciplines was extended and now includes, for example, Geoinformation Technologies in Political Studies. The programme was altered in order to increase the youth's interest in significant socio-political processes, and now the educational programme is called Political Management.

“Political Management is a unique programme allowing to improve professional skills in political sphere. While studying for the Bachelor’s degree I gained common information on political institutions, political practices, and now I am able to broaden and expand my knowledge and put it into practice. For example, during the classes of Statistical Information Analysis in Applied Political Research we work a lot with the voting statistics data. Such skills will be of use to those who want to work as professional political strategists. I am, personally, going to combine the work in the speciality, for example, in one of the public authorities, with the teaching activity,” shared Ilya Melikhov, Master’s degree student.

Master’s degree students, who graduate from SUSU in this field, are becoming high-in-demand specialists in public authorities, apparatus of political parties, analytical and PR subdivisions of major enterprises.

Detailed Information on the Programme:

Tel: 8(351)2723300; 8(351)2723148
E-mail: shestakovali[at]susu[dot]rutregubovna[at]susu[dot]ru 
Web site:


Geoinformation Systems in Management

Geoinformation Systems in Management is also a high-in-demand speciality. This educational programme is successfully mastered by specialists in the field of process and organization management using geoinformation technologies. The graduates can use the new digitalization tool: GIS systems; and apply it in management. That is why, in addition to large industrial enterprises and public structures, one of the main employers for the specialists is OGBU ChRCNIT Geoinformation Systems.

“We highly appreciate the level of training of the university’s students as a whole. The heads of the iTerritory (OGKU Information and Technical Maintenance Centre and OGBU Chelyabinsk Regional Centre for Navigation and Information Technologies) highlight the high level of knowledge and skills of the SUSU graduates. Today, about 44 graduates work with us, which makes 47% of the total number of the employees. They, among other things, work with systems based on geoinformation and navigation technologies, as well as with platforms for managing web sites of government bodies and local authorities. At the moment, 6 Master’s degree students are working in iTerritory and successfully manage to combine work with studies.”

Detailed Information on the Programme:

Tel: 8(351)2723300; 8(351)2723148
E-mail: valmaksimova[at]mail[dot]ru
Web site:


Advantages of the Studies

The educational process at the ILIC is tightly connected with the project-based activity: applying knowledge in practice at once, and working with modern software and hardware complex; for example, at Geoinformation Systems Research and Education Centre, graduates get to better understand the specifics of their profession.

The students, training in Political Science and Management, can study at the universities in China, America and Europe in the relevant speciality for several semesters. Besides, the future specialists in geoinformation systems are able to study at the Clark University, the USA.

Admission Requirements

Applicants, who chose Master’s degree programmes in Political Management or Geoinformation Systems in Management, should be ready to demonstrate their general cultural and professional competencies. This stage of admission will be held at: the Electronic Resources Room of the Scientific Library,1st floor, main university building; July 1st through July 26th. Assessment of the knowledge on complying with the Master’s degree programme will be organized July 1st through August 3rd, according to a separate schedule.

Applicants, who wish to master in International Relations (Regional Integration in Modern World) programme, will need to pass an interview.


Daria Tsymbaliuk, photo by: Oleg Igoshin
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