SUSU Conducted a Poll on How People Feel in Voluntary Lockdown

SUSU switched to distance learning more than two months ago. Have students' habits changed during the voluntary lockdown, and do they comply with the regime? We asked subscribers of the I Love SUSU university’s official group in VKontakte.

COVID-19 is the main topic in the mass media around the world. Does the audience follow the news?

  • Yes, to stay informed - 83 votes
  • No, I'm not interested - 51 votes
  • No, I escape the news, it makes me sad - 29 votes
  • Yes, to know all the interesting details - 12 votes


By the way, one of the latest news is that a high-alert regime in the region has been extended until June 15. This decision was made by the Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region Alexey Texler. For how long are our subscribers ready to test their willpower and comply with lockdown?

  • As much as needed - 88 votes
  • I do not comply - 70 votes
  • For another week - 30 votes
  • For another month - 14 votes
  • Till autumn - 11 votes


 As we see, the voices divided: some people are selflessly ready to stay at home, and some say that the warm weather beckons them and they want to breathe fresh air without any restrictions. For the most responsible respondents, the following question was provided.

What are the residents of the South Ural region doing in the lockdown?

  • I'm learning and improving my skills - 98 votes
  • I'm working remotely - 64 votes
  • I'm working in the office - 36 votes
  • I'm doing nothing at home - 30 votes
  • I do not comply with the regime - 14 votes
  • I'm raising a child - 10 votes


It is very pleasing that many students decided not to waste their time, but to devote themselves to study, including to those fields that were not mastered before. And whether students know how to relax, we learned from the next question.

And what about your free time?

  • I have no free time - 83 votes
  • I'm learning and developing - 39 votes
  • I'm resting and having fun - 26 votes
  • I'm bored, I don't know what to do - 14 votes


Again, SUSU students pleasantly surprised us. Apparently, the summer session and self-education leave no time for leisure. However, there are those who have got a bit of time to spare. And someone found no activity they like. For those who are beckoned with fresh air, our next question is addressed, where wearing a mask in public places was also an important detail.

And if you still really want to go outside?

  • I'm going outside only to the store, wearing a mask - 54 votes
  • I do not comply with the regime; I go for a walk regularly - 37 votes
  • I'm walking in places with no people around, without a mask - 29 votes
  • I go outside regularly, wearing a mask - 24 votes
  • I'm staying at home - 16 votes


Let us remind you that you need to keep social distance and use personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) in public places. How do our respondents feel about this?

  • I wash my masks, to save - 62 votes
  • Every time I wear a new mask - 52 votes
  • I wear the same mask for a show - 50 votes
  • I do not consider it necessary - 36 votes


How do our subscribers feel in the voluntary lockdown?

  • I have no time to think about it, I'm busy - 113 votes
  • It's hard. I can't live without going outside and communicating - 112 votes
  • Fine. I enjoy staying at home - 53 votes
  • I do not comply with the regime - 28 votes


And again, opinions divided. And we have one last question left:

How did the regime affect your habits?

  • I began to move less - 83 votes
  • It didn't affect my habits in any way - 30 votes
  • I began to avoid people - 28 votes
  • I began to actively learn new things - 15 votes
  • I began to devote more time to personal hygiene - 14 votes
  • I clean my house more often now - 9 votes


For those who have begun to move less, we recommend watching a useful video from the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service, which shows exercises for warming up the muscles.

Thank you for your responses!

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Mariia Ilyina, photo: pixabay
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Monday, 1 June, 2020 - 13:00
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