Relevant Information on the Process of Studying during Distance Learning

Beginning from March 23rd, and following the Decree by the Rector of South Ural State University Aleksandr Shestakov, the educational process moves to a distance learning format with the use of the system of online studying and distance learning technologies.

Classes will be held online according to the schedule. 

For all questions, please contact your Directorate (or Dean's Office), or call at the hot line number: 8-800-300-00-55.

New Format of Studies: “Online Schooling” Doesn’t Mean “Vacation”

  • This new format of studies does not mean “holiday” or “weekend” without a special directive from the Rector. This is a continuation of the academic process, just in a different, unfamiliar format.
  • Students still have contact with their professors in every course. Not in the classroom, but rather with the help of modern means of communication. Of course, on the one hand, there will be a significant increase in the amount of independent work by students. On the other, there are greater opportunities for creativity: besides the materials provided by your teacher, you can search for other material in a format that is convenient for you (audio or video lectures, lecture notes, textbooks by your favourite authors who you understand well, schematics, etc.)
  • The compulsory and necessary condition for online learning is that you must have a user name and password to sign on to Electronic SUSU 2.0 ( You need a user name and password to enter the student profile. If you do not have a user name and password for whatever reason, you need to address the Student and Academic Services of your institute or school.
  • Another important condition for online learning is having a computer (laptop) or at least a tablet. Using just your smartphone will not allow you to fully complete the assignments, although a phone will be enough to read (view) lectures and communicate with your teacher.
  • IMPORTANT! Beginning from March 23rd, you must log in to the Electronic SUSU 2.0 portal ( using your user name and password, enter the necessary course per your schedule, and take part in the lessons, which will consist of live streams or forums. After logging in once, the system will remember you automatically.
  • After receiving an assignment on the portal, you must complete them on time, per the instructions from your teacher. You will receive feedback and your grade at the same place. Students must work systematically to complete assignments rather than putting them off “for later”.
  • Do not ignore the sources and/or resources provided to you by your teacher for a specific class or topic. Independent research is welcomed. By the way, in each course or in each course section, a chat can be created. Discuss the necessity of creating this chat with your teachers. In the chat (or the forum), you can exchange information with your classmates or consult with your teacher to get answers to any question you may have on your course.
  • It is prudent to abide by the class schedule. Each day, you have work: study the lectures, complete assignments, send them to your teacher—methodically, each day, for each course. Keep in mind that as a rule, independent study of the material takes more time than it would in the classroom with a teacher.
  • If you have any “unsolvable issues” during this online study period, you should call the group curator, the department, the Student and Academic Services, the deputy directors, or speak to technical support on the hotline: 8-800-300-00-55. They will help you get in touch with your teachers and help you figure out any technical “difficulties”. Phone numbers are provided on the university website, or you can send an e-mail via corporate e-mail service (you can find the e-mail addresses of all the staff members in your account).
  • Students who have academic debts must call their department; a specialist will help you get in touch with your teacher. Or, you can write your teacher on their corporate e-mail, introduce yourself politely, and ask for assignments. The teacher will decide how you will receive credit, take your exam, defend your term paper, or present the results of your practical training.
  • IMPORTANT! Beginning from March 23rd, students are not permitted into the university buildings! If you need to urgently solve administrative or organizational issues, write the director of your institute or school on their corporate e-mail and explain where you need to go and why. If the question is truly important and cannot wait until the quarantine is lifted, they will answer you and figure everything out. But this is not the procedure to find out about consultations, re-sitting exams, or other issues which require a meeting with your teacher.

The most important thing is to keep yourself and your loved ones safe!


SUSU-TV Television and Radio Company presents a new feature: "Q&A Session with the Rector". The Rector of South Ural State University Aleksandr Shestakov will answer most burning questions in the format of a TV interview. 

You can e-mail your questions to: tv[at]susu[dot]ru



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