SUSU Military Training Centre Gathered Council for Extracurricular and Discipline Activities

Visiting session of the Council for Extracurricular and Discipline Activities was held at the Military Training Centre of South Ural State University.

Today, SUSU Military Training Centre is the only one in the region and one of 93 in the Russian Federation. Currently, the Centre trains officers, sergeants and reserve soldiers for tank troops, signals troops, missile troops and artillery, as well as the protection service for national security information of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Students of the Military Training Centre receive military education in specialized classrooms, where specific disciplines are studied. At the same time, boys and girls receive both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

In February, a visiting session of the Council for Extracurricular and Discipline Activities of SUSU was held at the Military Training Centre, in which representatives of the institutes and schools of the university took part. The guests were introduced to various specialized venues, where students of the centre are trained.

"The university underwent a major reorganization of the Faculty of Military Education, which not only changed its name, but underwent a number of structural changes, acquired a new venue and is by far the best military training centre in the country. We wanted to introduce the deputy directors for academic affairs of the SUSU institutes and schools to the equipment and capabilities of the centre. This is necessary, because they need to have an idea about the centre in the course of working with students. They must understand how everything is arranged here, what equipment, what truly unique opportunities are available for organizing the educational process," says SUSU Vice-Rector for Student Affairs Vyacheslav Burmatov.

It is no secret that the material and technical resources of the SUSU Military Training Centre are ones of the best among the military training centres of the Russian Federation. This has been repeatedly noted by the Ministry of Defence and various commissions that attended the training centre. Deputy Head of the SUSU Military Training Centre Konstantin Krikunov noted the uniqueness of the laboratory fund.

"We are trying to maintain and develop the material and technical resources. What our guests saw today is our pride. It is rather difficult to single out something special among the equipment, but we tried to show what it is necessary to pay attention to. Those classrooms that our guests watched are equipped properly, they allow conducting all types of training at a high level and preparing a mobilization reserve for the Armed Forces as required."

During the event, it turned out that many representatives of institutes and schools had never been at the venue of the Military Training Centre. The Head of the Extracurricular Activities Department of the SUSU School of Economics and Management Tatyana Viracheva shared her first impressions.

"It's very interesting for me to be here, because many students of the School of Economics and Management study at the Military Training Centre. I live the lives of our students, and I’m interested in everything they do. This also applies to training here. This excursion was not accidental for us on the eve of the Victory Day. I’m sure the guys like it here."

The event ended with the session of general council, where representatives of the Military Training Centre, as well as SUSU institutes and schools made presentations.

Marina Koviazina; photo by Elena Potoroko
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