Студенты ЮУрГУ приняли участие в фотоконкурсе «Удивительное – рядом»

The School of Economics and Management of South Ural State University has held a Miracles Are All Around Us photo contest, in which 1st-year to 4th-year students took part.

A makeshift photo gallery opened on the fifth floor of the SUSU academic building No.2. The participants submitted 38 photo works for the jury’s evaluation: all they had to do was to choose categories, give titles for their works, and submit their pictures in А4 photographic paper.

The photo contest comprised five categories: Scene Photo, Memorable Event, Student Life, Landscape, and Portrait Photo. Meanwhile, each participant could submit no more than 3 works to each category.

“In the beginning of the academic year I offered the members of the Student Council to hold a photo contest. Together, we determined the terms of participation, evaluation criteria, and the jury members. I very much appreciate the fact that through such forms of activity I get to show the world of the student hobbies, and draw attention of the School’s academic and administrative staff to the photography talents of those students they see in classes every day. As a person working with young people, I feel that it’s important to organize joint work. The main result of our collaboration is that students do everything on their own. A student photo contest is just another step into the world of the beautiful!” says the contest organizer, Head of the Extracurricular and Discipline Activities Department of the School of Economics and Management Tatiana Viracheva.

The jury members included: photo contest Chair, Director of the School of Economics and Management Irina Saveleva; contest organizer, Head of the School’s Extracurricular and Discipline Activities Department Tatiana Viracheva; Chair of the School’s Student Council Egor Bebekh; Head of the SUSU Photo School Marina Vyatkina; and senior lecturer of the Department of Industrial Economics and Project Management Aleksandr Korolenko as an independent expert.

On December 2, the ceremony of awarding the participants of the Miracles Are All Around Us photo contest was held. Students received their awards from the Head of the Extracurricular and Discipline Activities Department of the School of Economics and Management Tatiana Viracheva and the School’s Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, Head of the Department of Economic Security Anzhelika Karpushkina.

“Our School trains economists and managers, and one might think we’re far from creative activities. However, our students as people of many talents take part in all sorts of contests and projects being organized at SUSU. In addition, often students are the ones to initiate some new events. It’s good to see that representatives of almost all the departments took part in this event. We announced the winners and hope that this undertaking will live on. Holding of a photo exhibition is a new experience for us, and we’re happy that it was a success.”

Anzhelika Karpushkina believes that skills, along with unlocking creative talents and potential, are very important if one wishes to become a successful economist.

Results of the Miracles Are All Around Us Photo Contest:

Landscape category

1st prize – Artem Goncharov’s Sunset;

2nd prize – Qian Ye’s A Stroll through the Park;

3rd prize – Kseniia Titova’s A Rainy Day in Chelyabinsk.

Portrait Photo category

1st prize – Danil Moiseev’s Waiting for a Miracle;

2nd prize – Artem Goncharov’s Face-to-Face;

2nd prize – Qian Ye’s Speculator;

3rd prize – Vladlena Sinitsyna’s My Beloved Sister-Mum.

Scene Photo category

1st prize – Artem Goncharov’s From Dusk till Dawn;

2nd prize – Anastasiya Parkhomchyuk’s A Whole World Within.

Memorable Event category

1st prize – Nikita Timonin’s Wedding;

2nd prize – Artem Goncharov’s My Way;

2nd prize – Qian Ye’s Hello, Saint Petersburg!;

3rd prize – Nikita Timonin’s Birthday.

Student Life category

1st prize – Artem Goncharov’s Like Children!;

2nd prize – Vladlena Sinitsyna’s Uniting;

3rd prize – Anastasiya Parkhomchyuk’s Book Kills Stupidity in You.

Artem Goncharov, a 4th-year student, became the holder of a recording number of the certificates awarded to him thanks to the fact that he had submitted the biggest number of works for the jury’s evaluation. He has long been into photography, so he could not miss this chance to participate in the Miracles Are All Around Us photo contest.

“I like taking photos and looking for some interesting moments. I submitted many works, which got high praise from the jury. This is a first photo contest for me, and I will definitely be taking part in it in the future again.”

For Artem Zakharin, a 2nd-year student of the Department of Customs Affairs, it is on the contrary not the first contest of this kind. This time, he submitted 2 works: a landscape and a portrait.

“I’ve being doing photography for a long time now, probably, since I was a 7th-form pupil. I submitted 2 works: a photo of a lake (titled Reflection) and a photo of a girl (titled Princess of Nature). I took these pictures in Olimp student recreation camp in summer. In general, I like shooting chronicles.”

Artem noted that he would also like to keep participating in the next photo contests as well, and also plans to improve the quality of his photo works.

After the awarding ceremony, the participants and guests of the event could take a chance to take a closer look at the exhibits of the Miracles Are All Around Us contest.

Marina Kovyazina; photo by: Vitalina Kukarova
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