Students! Protect Yourselves against Flu and Respiratory Infections This Winter!

Acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) are the most widely spread type of infections. ARVI-causing viruses are not endemic to any certain region or country and are spread all over the world. Most often, those provoke diseases in winter; however, outbreaks are registered in spring and autumn as well.

Currently, over 140 various respiratory viruses are known, which have similar symptoms in the form of intoxication (fever and shiver, headache, feeling generally unwell, loss of appetite), as well as cause respiratory infections such as rhinitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngotracheitis, bronchitis, and sometimes, conjunctivitis. These diseases may cause serious complications in the form of bacterial sinusitis, otitis, and pneumonia. The most widely spread ARVI-causing viruses are influenza viruses, parainfluenza viruses, rhinoviruses, adenoviruses, enteroviruses, respiratory syncytial viruses, and other viruses.

Influenza virus usually enters a body through the respiratory passages’ mucosae and is an airborne infection. It is extremely contagious. Even a short-term contact with an ill person can result in catching the infection. That is why the whole world suffers from annual seasonal (during cold seasons) flu epidemics. Every year, the influenza virus mutates, so one cannot become immune to it after having recovered from this disease once. Vaccination has been recognized as the most efficient flu prevention method. It provides a specific immunity to flu, is highly efficient, and is suitable both for children and adults.

Flu vaccination not only facilitates protection against flu, but also reduces the frequency of cases of ARVI overlaying, and reduces the risk of complications. Due to high drift in the antigenic specificity of influenza viruses, it is necessary to get vaccinated with up-to-date antigenic variants of the influenza virus. Efficient influenza vaccines protect 80-100% healthy vaccine recipients and 50-60% people with chronic diseases against catching the flu.

Do not self-medicate! If you see the symptoms of an ARVI, please consult a specialist in a medical institution.

We wish you health!

SUSU Medical Centre
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