SUSU and Emerson Signed Collaboration Agreement on Environmental Monitoring

On November 26, an Environmental Monitoring Conference was held at the Emerson site, which was attended by employees of South Ural State University. As part of the Clean Air project, the parties signed an agreement on collaboration in the field of environmental monitoring.

The Conference on Monitoring of Industrial Emissions, Drainage Control, Compliance with Federal Law No. 219-ФЗ was held in Chelyabinsk. At the event, Emerson Company signed agreements with MegaFon Company and South Ural State University (SUSU) aimed at accelerating the development and implementation of environmental monitoring solutions in the region and the country.

One of the tools for the implementation of the Federal Law No. 219-ФЗ is the Clean Air project. According to the project, by the end of 2024 there should be a decrease in the total volume of pollutant emissions by 22% in large industrial centres, including Magnitogorsk and Chelyabinsk. And by 2025 there should be no cities in the categories of “high” and “very high” levels of air pollution. Achieving such goals is planned through the introduction of emission quota systems based on summary calculations of air pollution, integrated environmental permits and the best available techniques (BAT).

The task of the conference is to discuss the possibilities of developing scientific and technological innovations in the field of environmental monitoring and speed up the introduction of BAT to reduce the negative impact of hazardous emissions and discharges into the environment. In this regard, the participants will discuss legislative aspects and mechanisms for the fulfilment of the Federal Law No. 219-ФЗ. They will also get acquainted with the solutions available today, which will be presented in the immediate future, and with world practices in operating pollutants emission and discharge control systems that have already been introduced in the industrial facilities of the Ural region.

The conference participants were ecologists of Russian industrial enterprises, representatives of the Ministries of Ecology of the Chelyabinsk Region and the Republic of Tatarstan, and specialists of Rosprirodnadzor for the Chelyabinsk Region.

"Chelyabinsk was chosen as the conference venue because of the importance of environmental issues for the region and the active work of Emerson here, which develops, manufactures and implements emission monitoring tools and systems," says Nikolai Shestakov, Vice President of Emerson Automation Solutions in Russia and Belarus. "Metran Industrial Group, a core group of Emerson in Chelyabinsk, is an example of organizing clean production that does not harm the environment."

Emerson concluded two agreements at the conference. The first one was signed with South Ural State University and combined the efforts of the company and the university in developing a visualization program for the emissions and discharges monitoring system by Emerson. The system is based on innovative Emerson equipment: quantum cascade analysers that simultaneously measure up to 7 components with high stability and accuracy. First of all, the solution is relevant for the enterprises of metallurgy, energy, oil refining, chemistry and petrochemistry, and waste incineration plants.

The second strategic partnership agreement was signed with PAO MegaFon and relates to the transfer of data from established local environmental monitoring systems to federal and regional control and supervision centres.

A single environmental monitoring platform will provide real-time pollutants emission and discharge data for the whole country. The system allows collecting data reliably and safely and transmitting it online from supervised facilities to state control bodies, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and environmental safety. The solution also allows creating a single information space and visualization of integrated data on a single electronic map.

"The solution is a significant step forward in the implementation of the State Environmental Protection Program and the federal project, allowing, finally, to provide industrial enterprises with a complete solution for environmental monitoring," continues Nikolai Shestakov. "We understand the importance of clean air protection for residents of the whole country, and we hope that the experience gained in the Chelyabinsk region will be another step in this direction."

About Metran Industrial Group

Today, Metran Industrial Group is a leading Russian instrumentation engineering enterprise, which produces the instrumentation for measuring pressure, temperature, level, flow; distributed control systems, valves and controllers, metrological equipment. Metran provides all stages of the product life cycle: development, manufacturing, technical support, sales, after-sales service and customer training. This is a core group of Emerson not only in Russia but also in the CIS. The main step in the localization strategy, which has been consistently implemented by the company for 15 years, was the opening of a new office and production complex with an area of almost 30 thousand square meters in Chelyabinsk in 2015. The expansion of production volume in Russia allows producing world-class products under “Made in Russia” sign.

About Emerson Company

Emerson (NYSE: EMR), St. Louis, Missouri, USA, is a global company combining technology and engineering to create innovative solutions for customers in the industrial market, commercial market and the market of individual consumers. Automation Solutions' business helps continuous, hybrid and discrete manufacturing enterprises to produce a maximum, protect people and the environment, and optimize their energy and operating costs. The Commercial and Residential Solutions business helps its customers to create comfortable household arrangements and protect their health, control the quality and safety of food products, increase energy efficiency and build a functional infrastructure. For more information, visit

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