SUSU Students Study Automation Technologies at the Emerson Competence Centre

The unique Emerson Competence Centre laboratory was opened in 2018 within the frameworks of the Global Smart Industry Conference, organized and held jointly with Emerson corporation, USA. The Centre features equipment, which allows to improve educational process in the field of automation technologies.

Today, the laboratory is in command of the state-of-the-art technologies by Emerson company. The classroom equipment is intended for conducting joint research, allowing to attract talented students to the world of automation. The Competence Centre equipment represents a platform for study and research in the fields of Industrial Internet of Things and digital transformation of enterprises.

“Emerson and SUSU are fulfilling joint projects aimed at teaching new generation, who, further on, will develop new technologies. We are working together to teach new generation, who will develop new technologies. We are happy to collaborate with the university, which gained international recognition,” noted Michael Train, President of Emerson corporation.

In the labs, students conduct their work and research in the field of digital technologies: digital conductors of high-precision technological processes, monitoring of technological equipment, digital monitoring, computations, mobile applications, that is all the key elements of the industrial enterprises’ digital transformation.

The display circuit of the Centre represents a technological process, implemented on the laboratory machine. Contrasting colours of the circuit appear only in case of warning or emergency alarms, allowing the operator to quickly and accurately analyse the situation in the workplace and make a timely decision.

Thus, this machine makes the process safer in case of violation of any parameters. This, in turn, allows students to better understand how continuous technological processes are regulated.


Emerson Corporation is a transnational corporation listed among the 500 major companies of the world, according to Fortune 500 magazine. Its headquarters is located in Ferguson, Missouri, USA.

The company combines technology and engineering in many fields of industry and offers technological solutions for industrial, commercial and consumer markets. Today, Emerson has 235 manufacturing facilities, more than half of which are situated outside the United States. The history of the partnership with SUSU began in 2004, when representatives of the corporation first came to the university on an official visit. In 2006, Emerson Process Management company, PG Metran and South Ural State University developed a unique project: PlantWeb Laboratory of Intelligent Automated Control Systems for Technological Production Control was opened at the Instrumentation Engineering Faculty of the university.

In 2016, Edward L. Monser, the President of the corporation, headed the International Scientific Council of the university, which included 10 leading world scientists in various fields of knowledge.

Every year, dozens of students take internships at enterprises, and as graduates, continue their careers with Emerson. Besides, every year the corporation issues grants for scientific development. The results of such cooperation are dazzling: about 20% of the global technical solutions of the company are made in Chelyabinsk by the SUSU alumni.

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