Associate Professor of ILIC Took Part in Publishing “La classe inverse” Teacher Manual

Associate Professor at the Department of Linguistics and Translation of the Institute of Linguistics and International Communications, Marina Chernysheva, took part in preparing a teacher manual entitled “La classe inverse”, elaborated under supervision of PhD Cynthia Eid (France), Vice-President of the International Federation of French Teachers (FIPF), advisor for GROUPE IGS higher education affairs (Paris). Co-authors of the book are international experts in the sphere of teaching French, authors of study manuals and academic papers, Marc Oddoux (France) and Philippe Liria (France).

The book was published in September of 2019 by “CLE International” publishing house in Paris, France, and is dedicated to the “flipped classroom” technology of blended learning (Eng. flipped classroom, Fr. classe inversée»). This technology provides for non-standard assignments, active individual work of students, and the use of distance learning.

The book considers the “flipped classroom” methodology, provides opinions of specialists from universities of France, Canada and Lebanon, and presents projects of French lessons developed by French teachers from different countries.

Together with her colleagues from Russia and Hungary, Marina Chernysheva developed a project of a lesson dedicated to the study of idiomatic expressions of French-speaking countries, entitled “Parler avec des expressions idiomatiques (Variétés linguistiques dans des pays francophones).” Marina started working on the project in July of 2017 in the frameworks of her and co-authors’ study in Nice (France), and continued working on it distantly.

“Nowadays, a foreign language lesson is not limited by learning the standard language material but intends for getting familiarized with variants of the language under study in all their variety, as well as consideration of the language’s place among other languages and cultures. Therefore, in our book dedicated to idiomatic expressions of France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada (Quebec) we draw parallels with Russian and Hungarian languages. I would like to thank the authors of the book as well as CLE International Publishing House for their trust, and thank all the team members for enjoyable cooperation. Working in an international team not only contributes to professional and cultural exchange but also allows realizing the importance of joint projects in the sphere of foreign language learning,” notes Marina Chernysheva.

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