Residence Permit for Excellent Grades: SUSU Staff Attend a Seminar on Migration Issues

The Main Directorate for Migration Affairs held a meeting and seminar for employers in relation to changes to Russian law. Administrative staff from the South Ural State University International Office’s Immigration Services Division were present for the meeting.

First of all, according to Order No.363 of 04.06.2019 by the Ministry of International Affairs of the Russian Federation (MIA RF), a new procedure was introduced for employers to notify the authorities about the signing or termination of employment contracts or other civil law contracts signed with foreign citizens. Please note that employers should notify the Migration Affairs authorities about contracts with foreign citizens within three days of signing. In addition, the form and method by which information is supplied has changed.

In addition, Federal Law No.257 of 02.08.2019 will come into effect from November 1 of 2019. This law simplifies the procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit (TRP) or a residence permit (RP) for certain categories of applicants. The period for considering TRP applications will be shortened to 4 months. The RP will no longer have an expiry date (it was given for 5 years before).

In addition, preference will now be given to foreign citizens who study at Russian higher education institutions: students with top marks will be able to obtain a residence permit without obtaining a temporary residence permit. Now students will have more motivation to study with top marks. As we said before, the residence permit will no longer expire. This is how it will work: any foreign citizen who graduates from a Bachelor’s or a Master’s programme with excellent marks will be able to immediately apply for the residence permit; they will not be required to first obtain a temporary residence permit. The residence permit allows them to work without any additional documents and form a pension fund.

The list of categories of foreign citizens who can obtain a TRP without a quota is expanding. A “quota” is the number of TRPs a given region is allocated to give out to the foreign citizens who apply to obtain a temporary residence permit. The new expanded list includes individuals who were born in the Russian Federation; are married to a RF citizen who lives in the country; are members of the state programme for voluntary resettlement of compatriots; refugees from Ukraine; and those who are migrating to Russia according to international contracts on the protection of the rights of immigrants.

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