Teaser: SUSU Invites Students to Matriculation Party

On September 25, students of South Ural State University will attend the annual matriculation party at the Megapolis entertainment complex.

Each year, the organizers carefully choose the theme of the event. This year is no exception. The matriculation party will become a “teaser” of the emotions and feelings of student life.

The attendees can expect a full entertainment program and sets from the best Chelyabinsk DJs: NKRSH, FEEZE, MARRO. The best hosts in the city, photographers, videographers, and artists, as well as competitions and giveaways from sponsors and partners of the matriculation party will become an integral part of the event.

In the evening of September 25th, Megapolis will be divided into four thematic venues: Bruderschaft, Roxy Bar, Two Mugs coffee shop, and Sports Bar; the main venue in the Bruderschaft restaurant. Each venue will be dedicated to a certain movie.

For example, Bruderschaft will transform into the world of the Wild West: the atmosphere of a western, in which the main characters will be brutal cowboys who will dish out justice and save the innocent civilians who have fallen into the hands of the bad guys. Roxy Bar will turn into a house of chaos from The Purge horror movie with neon masks and screamers. The theme of the Two Mugs coffee shop will be the post-apocalyptic world: a combination of madness, extravagance, and style in the Australian wastelands with endless chases along the Fury Road. Sports Bar will become a part of the sci-fi universe of Luc Besson with a mysterious alien, Corben Dallas, spaceports, futuristic costumes, and spaceflights.

Anyone who wishes to attend can reserve a table in any of the four venues. You can reserve your ticket now by filling out a google form: https://vk.cc/9MdCTG.

“Our team can organize quality events. Matriculation party is a grandiose occasion and is one of the largest events in the city which many people wait for: both our students and young people who have already said goodbye to their student years. So we can say that there is a lot of responsibility on us: we have to arrange an unforgettable matriculation party for all of Chelyabinsk,” said the director of the matriculation party event, Maria Shutova 

The event will be held September 25th at Megapolis. More information is available on the event’s official page on VKontakte and Instagram. 

Evgeniia Gofman
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