How to Become Holder of SUSU Bursary?

Government bursary is provided for students of the full-time state-funded programmes. The following categories of students have a right to become bursary holders:

  • orphaned children or children deprived of parental care; persons, who during the period of studies lost both parents or the single parent;
  • first- or second-degree disabled persons, or persons disabled from childhood;
  • persons exposed to radiation after the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster or other radiation disasters, as well as after nuclear tests at Semipalatinsk test site;
  • students who became disabled suffering from a military injury or related disease as a result of their military service; and combat veterans;
  • persons, who for no less than three years, have been contract enlisted in military service at the Military Forces of the Russian Federation, internal military forces of the Russian Federation Ministry of Interior; and in federal public authorities, the Russian Federation National Guard troops, in military-engineering, road-rescue military units of federal executive authorities, and in rescue military units of a federal executive authority handling the tasks in civil defence; Russian Federation Foreign Intelligence Service, state guard authorities and the federal agency for mobilization training of government bodies of the Russian Federation in military positions; and
  • persons using government social services.

To become a bursary holder, a student needs to submit the following documents of due form, which confirm that this student falls within one of the abovementioned categories:

  • Application for assigning of a government bursary with a mark by the director of a school, institute, branch, or the dean of a faculty;
  • Certificates duly issued by the Federal State Institution for Medical and Social Assessment (for persons with disabilities);
  • Document, which is annually issued by a Social Security Office in the place of permanent or temporary residence and confirms that a government social assistance has been assigned for a low-income family;
  • Document issued by the Guardianship Department of the Social Security Office (for orphaned children and children deprived of parental care);
  • Documents, which confirm the status as a casualty at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster or other radiation disasters (for radiation disasters casualties); and
  • Documents, which confirm the status as a person with disabilities or a combat veteran (for people with disabilities and combat veterans).

For the students falling within the category of persons using government social services, the state-funded bursary is assigned by the Order of the SUSU Rector, starting from the date a respective document confirming the assigning of the government social services is submitted to SUSU, and for the period of one year starting from the date of the said government social services are assigned.

In case a document confirming that a person falls within one of the above categories (except for the persons using government social services) is issued for an unlimited term, such students is assigned the government bursary all through the completion of his/her studies.

An enhanced state academic scholarship and (or) government bursary is assigned to first-year and second-year Bachelor’s or Specialist students with academic performance with only “excellent” marks, or only “good” and “excellent” marks, and having the right for government bursary, and (or) being a student under the age of 20 with a single parent being a first-degree disables person.

You can ask your questions or get detailed information at the SUSU Scholarship and Bursary Office:
Head of the SUSU Scholarship and Bursary Office, Irina Dron
Tel.: +7 (351) 267-97-03

Provision on Scholarship Support (page 17)

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