Choosing One of the Best Universities of Russia: Enrollees Learn about the Opportunities for Development and Admissions to SUSU

A meeting of enrollees and their parents with the university leadership and representatives of Schools and Institutes took place at South Ural State University. In the course of event, those getting enrolled to the university in 2019 were told about SUSU’s advantages and the procedure of admissions, and received answers to the most urgent questions.

Enrollees and their parents were greeted by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Andrey Radionov. In his speech, the Vice-Rector explained the way SUSU has been developing for the last 20 years and the role it currently plays in the system of higher education of the Russian Federation.

“Our government has determined a number of key universities to which it assigns the task to develop the systems of higher education in the country. In the results of a competition, higher education institutions, which got assigned the category of a National Research Institute, have been chosen, SUSU among them. Then the Project for enhancement of competitiveness of leading Russian universities called 5-100 has been launched, and again, our university has been chosen by the international committee to take part in this massive project. Overall, the project included 22 higher education institutions of Russia. All this provided a serious impulse for development of facilities and resources as well as research and cadre potential of our university, and nowadays the enrollees who have chosen SUSU can get enrolled to one of the best higher education institutions of the Russian Federation.”

Andrey Radionov provided a detailed description of the study process of students at SUSU. The university applies innovative educational technologies, including the system of elite training which assumes a special mode of studying. There are specialized courses of in-depth training held for students with high academic performance in order to them to acquire additional competencies necessary for a successful career. Also, the university implements project-based learning, within which students master practical skills at the university by working on real projects upon orders from the largest companies. Starting from September of 2019, SUSU is going to implement about 70 of such projects.

The Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs talked about advanced language training, the possibility to study abroad and interact with employers – the largest transnational and national corporations which are the leaders in their industries, in which students can undertake internships and afterwards get a prospective job. He also named the prospects of students’ self-fulfillment in sports, creativity and social sphere.

The most discussed topic of the meeting was the procedure of getting enrolled to the university. Executive Secretary of the SUSU Admissions Committee, Aleksandr Gubarev, gave a detailed explanation of the procedure of enrollees’ admissions for full-time state-funded study, and reminded about the key dates. He also said that the major number of enrollees – 80% - will get admissions on August 3, but the final lists of those who have gotten enrolled will be published on August 8.

“On the 3rd of August, the Order of Admissions of the major part of enrollees admitted for state-funded study will be issued. In the lists, there will appear a text saying Admitted to SUSU opposite the surnames of the enrollees who have submitted the originals of their documents and got the required number of points, and this means that they got enrolled for sure. But if at that moment an enrollee gets admitted for state-funded study on the second or the third prioritized major, this does not mean that he or she cannot compete for getting enrolled for the major listed in the first line in the application form. The enrollee will keep competing for the top-priority major till the final enrollment on the 8th of August.”

After that, soon-to-be students and their parents got a chance to ask questions regarding the admissions, specificities of academic and extracurricular activities at the university, and many other things. One of the key question was about scholarships which SUSU students can compete for.

“There are more than 30 scholarship programmes existing at SUSU. Freshman students of both state-funded and contract forms of study can compete for getting a signature scholarship amounted 10 000 rubles per month during the entire first semester. Students who got enrolled to the university with high EGE points have the right to receive it. General academic scholarship is 1850 rubles; it gets paid to all students admitted for state-funded education. After the first exam session, a student starts forming one’s portfolio on one’s personal account, uploading there all one’s personal achievements in study, science, sport and creativity, and accumulating points necessary for enhancement of the scholarship. An enhanced academic scholarship can reach 28 thousand rubles per month. Moreover, there are 18 programmes of signature scholarships, including the Presidential Scholarship,” explained SUSU’s Deputy Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Yulia Bolotina.

Also, enrollees and their parents asked questions regarding military education at the SUSU Military Training Centre, participation in performance teams of the university, getting a room in campus, etc. After the official part, meetings were held with Directors and Deputy Directors of the university’s Schools and Institutes as well as with Deans of Faculties. Moreover, an excursion to one of the SUSU dormitories was arranged for all the interested.

“I submitted my documents to major in Journalism because this is a very interesting and multisided profession which allows taking part in many interesting events. SUSU is a university which provides many opportunities, in particular, it has its own television and radio company where students can practice,” said a SUSU enrollee, Snezhana Safina.

As a reminder, more details about the possibilities for students’ development and terms of admissions are available at the special portal for university applicants.


Azaliya Sharafutdinova, photo by: Oleg Igoshin
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