ECG from Any Point on the Planet: Russian Scientists Conducted a Unique Experiment

For the first time in Russia, scientists from South Ural State University conducted an integrated experiment using the ECG T-shirt, which proved the possibility to perform simultaneous heart monitoring for several constantly moving people from any point on the planet. This will allow doctors to perform distance monitoring of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, as well as improve the system of athletes’ training.

The experiment featured three athletes who performed various physical exercises for different muscle groups for an hour, being constantly on the move. High-precision ECG recorders collected signals from five electrodes from the current-conducting fabric sewn into T-shirts of the experiment participants, and transmitted them to a computer and a tablet. In its turn, the first computer uploaded data to Google Cloud, from where it got transferred to another computer which theoretically can be located in any point on the planet.

This is how the possibility to perform distance monitoring of a person’s electrocardiogram using the technical means invented at SUSU got proved. This technique is different from the multiple similar inventions by the fact that ECG gets recorded with a high precision (ECG waves and intervals are distinguishable) and during “complex” movements of a person.

The research group consist of engineers from the SUSU Institute of Engineering and Technology’s Department of Electric Drive and the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service’s Sports Science Research Centre.

“The second computer is supposed to be located in some Medical Centre where a doctor can monitor the heartbeat of a person. A user of the ECG T-shirt can see one’s own electrocardiogram on a personal computer or a tablet, and can monitor it by oneself. We record electrocardiogram in the conditions under which it has never been done before. When people exercise sports, ECG signals get heavily distorted. In our recorders, occurrence of such distortions is significantly less frequent if compared with the standard monitors, and the signals get restored very quickly. This integrated experiment allowed us to understand what needs to be done in order to improve the quality of ECG signals being recorded. This will allow forming techniques of training and athlete’s enhancement using observations through ECG and the heart rate: they are the most objective data about the condition of a human organism,” notes Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), Professor Vladimir Kodkin.

The conducted experiments verified scientist’s expectation regarding the wide range of possibilities of this electrocardiogram control system. The next step is to improve the complex: both its recording devices and the software.

It is important to note that the complex of continuous ECG recording invented at South Urals State University is one of the most important “links” of personalized medicine. It is necessary for not just athletes but also for people having cardiovascular diseases and a number of other health issues. As the conducted at SUSU research showed, the new system of ECG recording will provide a control over functional condition of people related to various risk groups as well as of those who needs constant monitoring.

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