Breakthrough to the Digital Level of Academic Interaction: the SUSU Team at “Island 10 – 22” Educational Workshop

July 10th through 22nd, the team of SUSU led by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Andrey Shmidt, is taking part in an intensive educational workshop called “Island 10 – 22”. The educational workshop is held at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. The main purpose of the “Island” is to form and develop teams of regional universities which will be able to bring system changes in the sphere of training of cadres for technological development into reality.

The “Island” brought together more than 100 teams from various regions of Russia. Here they undertake a five-day course targeted at training of cadres who are capable to introduce system changes to higher education institutions. Overall, there are 1500 people from 72 regions of Russia taking part in “Island 10 - 22”. Among them, 1155 are members of university teams, 25 are international participants, 121 are talented schoolchildren, 136 are individual participants, and 103 are members of teams representing research and education centres (RECs).

Activities within the “Island” are held by representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. Representatives of already-established research and education centres are acting as mentors and conduct unique master classes dedicated to specificities of working with technology for fuel-and-energy complex, medicine, internet of things and other prioritized spheres of technological development.

Among organisers of the unique educational workshop are the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Skolkovo Foundation, Skoltech, Russian Venture Company (RVC JSC), Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), 20.35 NTI University, NTI Platform. Organising Committee of “Island 10 – 22” is headed by Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation on Digital and Technological Development, Dmitry Peskov.

“Island 10 – 22” is a unique experiment on artificial intelligence application in the educational environment. The workshop consists of several blocks: Sports, Laboratories, Thinking Clubs, Master Classes, Group Work, Visionary Lecture, and Cultural Programme.

The SUSU team at the “Island” is represented by the following members: SUSU’s Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Andrey Shmidt; Vice-Rector for Research, Aleksandr Diakonov; Vice-Rector for Informatization, Leonid Sokolinsky; Director of the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Gleb Radchenko; Head of the Department of Economics of Business and Project Management, Natalia Dzenzelyuk; specialist in project support of the Project Preparation and Support Service, junior research fellow at the Research and Innovation Services office, Irina Podzhivotova; Head of the Supercomputer Simulation Laboratory, Pavel Kostenetsky; Associate Professor at the Department of Automation and Control, Vildan Abdullin; Head of the Extracurricular Activities Department, Iakov Ermoshkin; and Director of the Office for Programme 5-100 Project Management, Evgeny Belousov. Moreover, the team operation features invited participants represented by Head of the Directorate for Technical Development at the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication of the Chelyabinsk region, Konstantin Makarenko, and Head of the Centre for Power-Saving Technology at MMK OJSC, Danila Tselikanov.

In the course of “Island” operation, each team is working on development of one’s own digital footprint. Here participants of the “Island” can acquire a set of unique skills for a successful technological development of their higher education institution or business in the frameworks of national technological initiatives. In the course of experiments within the “Island”, university teams are working on projects in such directions as University Administration, Technology, Human and Ecosystem.

Within the initial days at the “Island”, representatives of the SUSU team shared their first impressions regarding their work at the educational workshop:

Director of the Office for Programme 5-100 Project Management, Evgeny Belousov:

“The Island is an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with other universities and find common interests for further growth acceleration. The working format itself assumes active communication with colleagues from other higher education institutions. This is a very useful experience.”

Head of the Department of Economics of Business and Project Management, Natalia Dzenzelyuk:

“For the university and our team, participation in the Island is a chance to substantiate the direction of development that SUSU considers to be prioritized, as well as find partners and establish new useful contacts, both business and academic, which can serve as a basis for cooperation. For me personally, the Island is a great chance to master new competencies, recognize my role in the team of home university, and establish relationships with partners from other universities.”

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