SUSU Performs Training of Efficient Economists and Managers, Taking into Account the Demands of Economy’s Digitalization

South Ural State University is a rapidly developing university complying with contemporary tendencies and requirements of the labor market. SUSU’s School of Economics and Management performs training of students in the sphere of economics and management, whose professions are in-demand in the largest companies in Russia and around the world.

SEM offers up-to-date majors to university applicants, taking into account employers’ requirements regarding the level and quality of economic and managerial knowledge.

“Any enterprise, no matter its scale of activity (a small one or a large one) or the form of property (governmental or private) needs well-trained economists and managers. Our alumni are in-demand, because majors completed at SEM allow acquiring professional competencies in the main strategies of economy’s development, such as: financial management, HR and information system management at an enterprise, state and municipal management, innovative project evaluation and marketing, economic security, etc. SUSU has created conditions which ensure competitive ability of alumni at the labor market not only in Russia but around the world,” said Director of the SUSU School of Economic Management, Irina Saveleva.

In the photo: Director of the School of Economics and Management, Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Irina Saveleva.

In 2019-2020, the School of Economics and Management provides about 70 state-funded places in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes.

Bachelor’s and Specialist studies

Within Bachelor’s degree programmes, students can choose such majors as Economics, Management, Human Resource Management, State and Municipal Management, Applied Computer Science, Information Technologies and Systems, and Business Computer Science. Within Specialist programmes, training is performed in Economic Security and in Customs Affairs.

The main feature of getting a degree at School of Economics and Management is creation of conditions for practice-oriented training: students have the chance to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in companies and enterprises with whom SEM had concluded an agreement on cooperation and joint training.

In the next academic year, Bachelor’s degree students will get a unique opportunity to undertake paid internships within the system of a “multi-stage school”. The school intends for three stages of training, which is connected with students’ year of study and the acquired economic and managerial knowledge; the training itself is targeted at formation of practical skills for working during the summer. In other words, students get employed at SEM’s partner companies and get wages and real working experience, which enhances their competitive ability and professional competencies while still studying at the university.

Moreover, students can complete a free-of-charge course for vocational enhancement called “Applied tools for Lean Production” in the SEM’s Centre of Business Development Technology, where they will acquire experience of working with practitioners and get a certificate which, just like a diploma, will be an essential advantage when getting employed at enterprises of the Chelyabinsk region which are actively introducing new manufacturing technologies.

The acquired knowledge and skills provide SEM’s alumni with professional advancement and a successful career with practically any branch of economy: in such industrial enterprises as ChTPZ, Mechel, ChEMK, ChKPZ; in financial and banking sector they are such companies as Sberbank, Chelyabinvestbank, Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development, VTB; as well as in auditing companies, at enterprises of the sphere of services, transportation, communication and state administrative bodies of the region.

Master’s studies

In academic year 2018–2019, the School of Economics and Management launched six unique Master’s degree programmes corresponding to the new requirements of transition to digital economy.

“Under conditions of digitalization of business processes, requirements to contemporary graduates get higher as well. Therefore, SUSU’s SEM elaborated new Master’s degree programmes for training of unique specialists who are going to possess competencies and knowledge not just in the sphere of economics and management but also in the sphere of information technologies and modern software,” noted Director of SUSU’s SEM, Irina Saveleva.

The programme called “Accounting, Analysis and Control in Corporate Digital Environment” in economic specialty is being implemented under support of the following institutions: the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication of the Chelyabinsk region, Avoir Audit and Consulting Group, Mechel Global Mining and Metallurgical Company. Alumni will be able to work in accounting and economic services, outsourcing centres of accounting and in other businesses connected with digital environment.

The programme called “Economy of a SMART CITY” is targeted at formation of practical skills necessary for successful working in municipal and regional bodies in the frameworks of creation and assistance of activity of “smart” cities. The programme includes such modules as Smart Economy, Digital Economy, Smart Mobility, Smart Environment, Smart Lifestyle and other disciplines complying with the world’s standards of Smart Cities’ development.

Master’s degree programme called “Internet Economy” is targeted at training of specialists who possess skills of economic activity in the Internet space as well as knowledge regarding organisation of activity and elaboration of strategies of development and assessment of efficiency of Internet companies.

The programme called “Project Management over Development of Enterprises and Organisations” is targeted at solving the main problem of any development: the correct statement and formation of the mechanism for efficient goal accomplishment. Specificity of this programme is the fact that students study the main professional disciplines during their freshman year, which gives them the chance to apply the acquired knowledge practically right after the beginning of their study within real-life projects which they develop for enterprises.

Master’s degree programme called “Strategic and Corporate Management under Conditions of Digital Economy” is targeted at training of highly-qualified specialists who possess knowledge in the sphere of contemporary disciplines, such as: Crypto Economy and Blockchain Technology Application, Agile Management Methods, Internet of Things. Partners of the training programme are the Chelyabinsk Mechanical Plant and such companies as Metran and Russian Electric Motors.

The programme called “Information-and-Analysis Systems in Management” is targeted at training of mid- and top-level managers, who posses managerial skills in the sphere of business analysis as well as skills of working with information for solving managerial problems with the use of advanced IT systems and systems for decision-making support.

In academic year 2019–2020, SEM is going to launch three new Master’s degree programmes, two of which are intended to be taught in English language. Master’s degree programme called “Financial Markets and Institutions” corresponds to the most up-to-date requirements of the market regarding training of financial analytics and consultants, as well as specialists of banks, investment and insurance companies, and other organisations. Future specialists will acquire universal knowledge in the sphere of the global financial market situation, methods of fundamental and technical analysis, investment portfolio management, and financial engineering.

Another Master’s degree programme in English language is called “Business Analytics”. This is a multidisciplinary programme targeted at acquiring profound knowledge in the sphere of data analysis, data mining, machinelearning, artificial intelligence, and development of forecast models for ensuring support in making business-related decisions.

As a response to demand of Bachelors graduated in engineering majors and to requests from specialists who are already working at industrial enterprises, a new Master’s degree programme called “Financial Substantiation of Engineering Decisions in Industry 4.0” is to be launched. On the basis of a complex of finance- and economy-related disciplines, graduates will be able to carry out assessment of economic consequences of engineering decisions, startups and own businesses.

Already-existing Master’s degree programmes at SUSU SEM in the sphere of Economics remain relevant. Within these programmes, students undertake training in specialties related to international economy and trade policy, banking and corporate financing, taxation and customs affairs. Those who want to get a degree in Management can choose among programmes targeted at advanced study of management over sustainable development of a contemporary corporation, strategic and innovative marketing, international business and logistics.

Azaliya Sharafutdinova, photo by: Oleg Igoshin
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