City of Professions: SUSU Trains Specialists Jointly with Employers

South Ural State University trains professionals who are in demand in all fields of activity. SUSU graduates do not have to question themselves ‘Where do I find a well-paid job?’ – they receive job offers from promising employers already while studying.

The quality training at SUSU is based on close interaction of the university with employers of the regional, federal and world levels. The university comprises 10 schools and institutes, which release specialists for all fields of engineering, IT technologies, humanities, natural sciences, and social and economic spheres. The training takes into consideration the demands of the labour market and employing companies collaborating with SUSU.

If you want to be designing and constructing buildings, supplying heat and light to them, making streets and houses more comfortable and beautiful – all of that you could learn at the Institute of Architecture and Construction. This Institute trains specialists in the field of construction, design, architecture, thermal engineering and thermal technology, land use planning and cadastre. It has established long-term business relationships with leading universities in the USA, Germany, Czech Republic and China, with construction companies, construction industry enterprises, and region’s design engineering organizations, what ensures that graduates receive job offers. Among the employers are: Chelyabdorproekt Planning and Survey Institute; Knauf company, Germany; and Committee for Architecture and Town Planning for the City of Chelyabinsk. Moreover, the Institute actively participates in the preparations to the forthcoming SCO and BRICS Summits to be held in Chelyabinsk.

You are driven by the wish to be helping people in difficult situations? Or you want to be improving the quality of food that we eat? Then you should consider the programmes being offered at the SUSU School of Medical Biology. This is an innovative and actively developing subdivision of our university, which trains clinical psychologists and biotechnologists, who are in demand in the labour market. Today, the departments of the SUSU School of Medical Biology train specialists to obtain competences in in medical and biological, psychological, and nutraceutical fields. Thanks to the many-years’ collaboration with the world’s leading research centres, it has been made possible to fulfil most ambitious scientific projects here. The School’s graduates perform expert reviews of the quality of goods at major agricultural and industrial holdings, such as Niagara, SoyuzPischeprom, or Ariant, work in organizations rendering clinical and psychological assistance, and hold psychological counselling.

Competent economists and managers are the specialists without whom not a single successful company would be able to function. The School of Economics and Management offers modern programmes of training to enrolees, with consideration to the requirements of employers to the level and quality of knowledge in economics and management. This School trains professionals in the field of economics, management, personnel management, and business informatics. These will be the people who will take the leadership positions, manage the financial and economic activities of organizations, and not just that – they design the inner architecture of enterprises, and develop and implement IT solutions to support their business processes. The School’s graduates build their careers in industrial companies, in the financial and banking sector, service business, transportations, communications, and government authorities.

You see that digital technologies are conquering our world, and you wish to be someone who is creating the new reality? SUSU is one of the leading Russian universities training the best Information Technologies specialists, who are in demand around the world. The School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science trains the future professionals in instrument engineering, radio electronics, automation, information security, computer science, and software engineering. State-of-the-art laboratories are functioning at the university: students are granted access to the SUSU’s supercomputer, Emerson and Endress+Hauser laboratories for industrial automation, Information Security Research and Education Centre of Kaspersky Laboratory, Samsung laboratory, and more. Students master their skills in high-technology laboratories, and already while still studying, they create useful mobile applications and computer games. Once they graduate, many of them work in world-famous companies, such as Emerson, Yandex, Google, Microsoft, Kaspersky Laboratory, or Huawei.

You are dreaming of doing “big” science and already see yourselves as award winners for making new discoveries? Or you wish to make your own contribution to preserving and remediation of the environment? You can succeed in these and other fields with the help from the Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. This Institute’s graduates become developing programmers, business and web analysts, research fellows, engineering physicists in the field of electronics and nanoelectronics, and specialists in chemical and ecological engineering. Among the employers are such industrial enterprises as ChelPipe, Chelyabinsk Electrometallurgy Plant, PG Metran; leaders in information technologies – Naumen Group of Companies, 3DiVi; ecological authorities – Rosprirodnadzor, Ministry of Ecology; and educational institutions.

You have a taste for foreign languages, or you wish to become an international relations professional? Then you should enrol with the Institute of Linguistics and International Communications! This Institute trains translators, foreign language teachers, experts in regional studies, international relations, political science and management. Already while still studying, students can see the world when taking internships in Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and other countries. One of the crucial features of the Institute’s students’ training is the learning of foreign languages. The ability to fluently speak different languages is a competitive advantage of any specialist. The Institute’s graduates are in demand in federal services (Federal Security Service, Federal Drug Control Service), Centre for International Economic Activity and Tourism, in language-training centres, and in many other companies with the need for competent specialists with high mastery of foreign languages.

If you have been into arts, history or media since childhood, and believe that your calling is working directly with people, then the programmes of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities are exactly what you need. This Institute trains specialists in the field of PR and advertising, journalists, historians, theologians, art historians, psychologists and social scientists. Here you will learn how the humanities specialists “digitize” the history of our region, create virtual museums of writers and artists, work on the problem of occupational guidance for young people, and check the authenticity of information in European mass media. The Institute’s graduates work in press services of the leading governmental enterprises: the Emercom, the region’s Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; head information services in such companies as PAO Mechel, Intersvyaz, Traktor Ice Hockey Club; build careers in mass media (Uzhny Ural television and radio broadcasting company, OTV, CTC, TNT television channels), as well as in different ministries and government agencies of our region.

You like sports? Or you wish to build your career in restaurant business or a tourist agency? Specialists in such fields as service, tourism, hotel industry, material artistic processing, as well as teachers, athletes, and coaches are trained at the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service. The Institute’s graduates find jobs in the Ministry of Sports, Centre for Tourism Development, sports federations, and tourist companies. Many of them become winners of world championships and Olympic games. For instance, at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, a member of the Russian team and the Institute’s graduate Anna Nechaevskaya became a bronze medal winner in the 4×5 km skiing relay.

It is possible to obtain an in-demand engineering education at the SUSU Institute of Engineering and Technology , a leading educational engineering subdivision in the South Ural region’s capital and beyond it. The industry leaders are trained here! This Institute, also known as Polutech (after its former name), releases multi-discipline trained engineering specialists, as well as professionals in the fields of metallurgy, transportation, power engineering, IT, and mechanical engineering. The university closely collaborates with leading industrial organizations and enterprises of the Chelyabinsk Region’s defence complex. Among SUSU’s partners are such “giants” as: Academician V.P. Makeyev State Rocket Centre, Metran Industrial Group, PAO ChelPipe, PAO Rosseti, OAO IDGC of Urals, Roscosmos State Space Corporation, Rosatom State Corporation, and more. The Institute’s graduates work in the enterprises of regional and federal scales, and successfully get jobs in foreign companies, such as Emerson and SMS Group. We should note that often graduates themselves become the creators and founders of leading engineering companies in the regional and Russian markets, like: Intersvyaz, Napoleon IT, Innovations for Kids company, etc.


The SUSU Institute of Law trains lawyers, forensic experts, and law enforcement specialists. Among the Institute’s partners are governmental authorities, courts, prosecutor’s office, and other institutions. By the present moment, more than 100 collaboration agreements have been signed with potential employers of the Institute’s graduates. These are government and local authorities, law enforcement and judicial authorities, as well as the dynamically developing enterprises of our region and their associations, such as the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Chelyabinsk Region, South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and more. While still taking their internships, students know where they will be working in the future, and many of them build their careers in Chelyabinsk Region’s Main Directorate of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs, Investigation Committee, law firms, legal companies, Public Chamber, district courts, legal services and offices.

You can learn more about the Admissions Plan, number of state-financed spots, benefits and special rights at the SUSU’s Portal for Enrolees.


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