“Quality Status of Modern Education:” SUSU Graduates Awarded Their Degrees

The most important event for every graduate – the Degree Awarding Ceremony – took place at South Ural State University. About four thousand SUSU students received their document of higher education in one of Russia’s leading universities.

This year’s graduates made a special contribution to development of the university. Over their time of studying in the Alma mater, practically all of them proved themselves in research, sport, creative and other spheres of the university’s activity. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, they have become specialists who can achieve considerable success in any activity. On this day on the main university square of Chelyabinsk, they shared the joy of this new accomplishment with their friends, parents and teachers.

On this day, SUSU prepared an eventful programme for graduates. The celebration was opened with performance by Ladies Band vocal group, Deep Vision dance theatre and actors of the Mannequin studio theatre. Spectators were presented a dramatized prologue entitled “Triumph of Knowledge”. Primavera choir sang the university’s anthem. Rector of South Ural State University, Aleksandr Shestakov, commanded the beginning of a celebratory march by attendees of the Faculty of Military Education.

The guest of honour at this celebration was the Head of the Chelyabinsk region, Aleksey Teksler, who personally awarded best graduates of SUSU in 2019 with their degrees.

“SUSU degree has long ago become the quality status of modern education in our region. Alumni of the university work in all economic branches of the Chelyabinsk region, in all companies and enterprises. I talked to students, they told me about their plans, and it is nice to realize that they’ve made up their minds regarding their further professional vector. They have a background of real projects; some of them have already become directors of departments, organisations. Yesterday I launched a new HR project: a contest called “Team of the Chelyabinsk Region”, and I would like to note that young people totally correspond to the criteria allowing them to get recruited for working for the region’s well-being.”

This year’s graduates became witnesses to significant changes in the history of their Alma mater, one of which is the fact that the university got internationally acknowledged. Over the last several years, SUSU got included into several authoritative rankings of the world’s best higher education institutions which proves the rapid development of the university as well as the high level of competitive ability of the specialists who graduated.

“You graduated from one of the best universities of the Russian Federation, which presently got acknowledged in the international university community. As of today, we’ve given you an excellent education, but the world is changing fast and graduates should be able to learn throughout their lives. The university taught you to love and be able to acquire knowledge. We also did our best to nurture the desire to be active people among students, and many of them have already proven themselves in various spheres of activity. You are young, smart, active and initiative people, and you are needed for our city, region and the country. Many of you will be working abroad. You will be in-demand everywhere, and this is the result of education obtained at SUSU. I wish you happiness and success!” offered his congratulations to the graduates the Rector of SUSU, Aleksandr Shestakov.

On this day, the celebration featured the Honourable Professor of SUSU, Pino Tese, the President and Director General of SMS Group. This company is the world’s leader in production of equipment for metallurgy and is in a close cooperation with the university. According to Pino Tese, alumni of SUSU are very valuable for the industry, and today he would like to congratulate them on this important event in their lives.

“SUSU is always targeted at high accomplishments and this is characteristic for its graduates as well. I would like to wish this university’s graduates all the best in the future and emphasize that the most important thing right now is to not being afraid to move forward to one’s goals. The hardest days of studying have passed and now they can relax and enjoy the moment.”

Many of the graduates, already during their studies, proved to be people who are interested in improving the life of our university and of the society in general. They were suggesting their ideas related to ecology, social sphere, arts, science, and technology. Many of their projects got supported by grants and were fulfilled in practice. Deputy of the Russian Federation State Duma, Chairman of the Committee for Ecology and Environment Protection, and coordinator of the Clean Country federal project Vladimir Burmatov wished future success to the graduates.

“I can say that today South Ural State University is the best university not only in the Chelyabinsk Region, but in the whole Ural District as well. The university has strong academic staff and scientific school, and that undoubtedly makes the graduates more competitive. Students, who have graduated from SUSU are the future of the Chelyabinsk Region; these are the people, who already now are creating new technologies, practices, meanings and contents. We hold our most serious hopes for you!”

For many of the event participants, the degree awarding is the beginning of a new stage at SUSU. Big part of the graduates are planning on continuing their studies and become successful in scientific or academic activities. Master’s student of the Faculty of Journalism of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Arina Marfitsyna already during her studies became a head of the SUSU’s 360-degree Multimedia Newsroom. Now the girl is planning on enrolling into postgraduate studies.

“When I was 18, I realized that I wanted to be a journalist, so I enrolled with SUSU, and our university has felt like home to me over all these years. I managed to gain practical experience while working as a production editor in the newspaper, and now I’m interested in the scientific aspect of journalism. I believe that it’s important to do research on journalism education to be able to understand how modern journalists should be trained. A media specialist has to keep up with the times, and we need to provide him/her with quality knowledge for that.”

Also, in the course of the degree awarding ceremony, the international graduates were congratulated on the completion of their studies. This year, more that 300 international students have received their SUSU degrees. When degrees were being awarded to the best students, who had come to the university from other countries, a graduate of the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service from Iraq Ahmed Syala proposed to his girlfriend, a graduate of the School of Economics and Management Valeria Chachina.

“It was totally unexpected, and I still haven’t completely realized what’s happened,” shares her emotions Valeria. “I was helping SUSU students, who had come to us from abroad, in the interaction of the South Ural Association of International Students. We met at one of the events, where our students were participating. I can say that we’ve met thanks to SUSU.”

Following the many-years’ tradition, the best students said their Oath of Loyalty to South Ural State University. Before their nearest and dearest ones they made an oath to be worthy citizens of their Motherland, develop its potential, and of course, never forget SUSU.

To close the ceremony, the Our SUSU song was performed by Ladies Band for the graduates and guests, what was accompanied by the sparkling cold fountains. In the end of the ceremony, the heroes of the day in their mantles and graduation hats marched across the Campus.

And while the graduates are saying farewell to the university, the Admissions Campaign is underway at SUSU: in 2019 the university offers more than 2,700 state-funded openings.

Azaliya Sharafutdinova, photo by: Oleg Igoshin
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