International Vector: SUSU Opening Unique Master’s Programmes in Political Science and Management

South Ural State University is launching new Master’s programmes which will expand the possibilities for development for specialists in the global arena. The unique programmes in political science and management will be offered by the Department of International Relations, Politology, and Regional Studies of the SUSU Institute of Linguistics and International Communications.

Studying in a Master’s programme makes it possible to obtain deeper knowledge and improve your level of training in the field of your Bachelors’ degree, or obtain one more qualification. A Master’s degree makes young specialists more competitive. In particular, when hiring new staff, employers give precedence to applicants with a Master’s degree. Such specialists also have more opportunities for quick career progress.

The SUSU Department of International Relations, Politology, and Regional Studies offers applicants two new Master’s programmes in Political Science (Political Management major) and Management (Geoinformation Systems in Management major). These programmes, the goal of which is provide new skills in management and politics, fit into the SUSU’s strategy and the trends of the global economy – they involve active mastery of modern technologies and a focus on international development.

“The new Master’s programmes are unified in that the international component occupies a significant portion of the studies. This is the trend in our Department – we work with international partner-universities and offer our students the opportunity to study for a few semesters abroad. It is equally important that the studies in these programmes will involve a practice-oriented approach, including the use of modern technologies. All of this will make it possible to form cultural and professional skills among our graduates for their success as professionals,” notes Head of the Department of International Relations, Politology, and Regional Studies Liudmila Shestakova.

Political Management

While studying in the Political Management Master’s programme in the Political Management major, students gain up-to-date knowledge about social and political processes and scientific and professional skills in politics both in Russia and abroad.

The programme trains professionals in the field of managing political processes on all levels: municipal, regional, and national. Political scientists who graduate from this programme will become world-class specialists who are able to complete political analysis and consultations, or work in public relations or government relations.

Students master blocks related to the general professional skills of political science, political analysis, and political management. Recognized experts in political science and management offer such courses as: New Trends and Fields in Modern Political Science; Analysis of Statistical Information and Applied Statistical Research; Geoinformation Technologies in Political Studies; Strategies and Tactics of an Election Campaign; Cooperation with Governmental Bodies: GR Management; Organization of an Online Political Campaign; and many more.

As part of the project-based learning, students will work with the SUSU Centre of Complex Analysis of Sociopolitical Processes, which will open in the beginning of the next academic year.

Nikita Tregubov, head of the programme, Candidate of Sciences (Politics), Associate Professor of the Department of International Relations, Politology, and Regional Studies underlines the additional advantages of this new Master’s programme: “In this programme, special attention is paid to intense language training. Students also have the opportunity to study in leading international universities in the Public Administration programme in China and Italy. In addition, future specialists can obtain real work experience in governmental bodies and local governance bodies, political parties and social organizations, and also in information analytics and PR divisions of regional companies.”

Towards the end of their studies, students will master skills that make them highly qualified, in-demand specialists: the ability to use the results of scientific research to solve practical tasks, analyse information with the help of modern methods and the newest equipment and software, and most important – cultivate leadership qualities necessary for planning and organizing political campaigns, including the formation of their own political image.

Geoinformation Systems in Management

The Geoinformation Systems in Management Master’s programme trains specialists for management using advanced technologies – in particular, geoinformation systems. The head of this programme is Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), Professor Oleg Loginovskiy.

GIS, as an element of digital industry, is applied everywhere: in business, education, health services, state management, and other fields. The Department of International Relations, Politology, and Regional Studies is a leader in the development of new methods for using digital management processes. Within the Master’s programme, students will work actively with the SUSU Geoinformation Systems Research and Education Centre.

“This new programme offers analytical approaches and instruments in the field of managing and organizing business processes and research. This is one of the first approaches to the application of digitization in the field of management. We try to use the trends of the Russian Federation in the field of digital economy, which involves big-scale application of digital technologies in all spheres of our lives. The whole course is aimed at the implementation of this concept while taking the best world practices into account,” noted Director of the SUSU GIS Research Centre, Associate Professor of the Department of International Relations, Politology, and Regional Studies Valentina Maksimova.

Students will master such disciplines as Computer Technologies in Management Tasks; Geographic Positioning in Management Tasks; Analysis of Business Data; Management of Projects in Information Technologies, and more. Upon completion of the Master’s programme, graduates will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful management specialists in governmental bodies and municipal management, conducting business, and to completing research in academic and research organizations.

The advantages of this programme include intense study of the English language, studying abroad in the best universities in this field in China and the USA for 1 or 2 semesters, and the possibility of completing internships in Chinese and American companies. The Department works with Clark University (USA), Beijing University of Technology, Hainan University, and the Chinese University of Petroleum.

Special attention is paid to the organization of a practice-oriented approach. Within project-based learning, students master the disciplines by participating in real projects from potential employers. It is also possible to work with industrial partners: OAO Uralmarksheideriya, Geoinformation Systems Regional State Budgetary Institution Chelyabinsk Regional Centre of Navigation Information Technologies, the Chelyabinsk Regional Office of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre, and Cartography, and the Ministry of Information Technologies of the Chelyabinsk Region. Interactive forms of education will also be used: master classes, work with professional GIS programs, round tables, and seminars with employers and researchers for collaborative solutions to cases.

In June, the Geoinformation Systems REC will hold master classes on the application of GIS technologies and demonstrate the best digital approaches in management. Everyone is welcome to attend.

We would like to note that the Department of International Relations, Politology, and Regional Studies is constantly developing and offering new programmes. In the 2020-2021 academic year, the Department will open an International Relations Master’s programme, one of the first in Russia to obtain licensing per the new state academic standards.

Azaliya Sharafutdinova, photos by Oleg Igoshin
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