“Olimp”, “Nauka” and “Berezka”: What Novelties SUSU Sports and Recreation Complex Has in Store?

South Ural State University is getting the “Nepryakhino” Sports and Recreation Complex ready for the summer season. Now students, academics and children will be able to build up their strength for the new academic year with even more comfort.

The SUSU’s “Nepryakhino” Sports and Recreation Complex is a wonderful recreation spot looking over the most picturesque lake Bolshoy Sunukul. The complex is constantly being improved so that everyone could feel at home here. Not only its material and technical resources are being upgraded, but the content of the sessions is being updated as well.

“Last year “Nepryakhino” Sports and Recreation Complex celebrated its 60th anniversary. Everything had started with a camping site and small log cabins. The first bedroom block was built in 1975. Every year we’re adding improvements to our complex, and many changes have been introduced over the recent several years, so that recreation here could become modern and pleasant,” shares Director of “Nepryakhino” Sports and Recreation Complex Rasima Fakhretdinova.

“Olimp”: Become Better with Us!

“Olimp” Sports and Recreation Camp is a favourite recreation spot for all SUSU students, here they can relax after their studying routines and at the same time gain new skills, go in for sports, and develop their intellect and creative talents. Every day at the “Olimp” camp is packed with interesting events aiming at enriching the knowledge and skills of students, and stimulating their personal development.

Traditionally, four sessions will be organised this year:

  1. July 1st through July 13th: meeting of student organisations;
  2. July 15th through July 27th: meeting of student councils of the SUSU schools and institutes;
  3. July 29th through August 10th: creativity session;
  4. August 12th through August 24th: complex development session.

“It’s still a secret to what topics the “Olimp” sessions will be devoted this year. The programs for each session are in the process of elaboration, and we’re preparing a surprise for our students. We will take into consideration our experience from the previous years and will make the sessions even more interesting and memorable!” shares Deputy Head of the SUSU Extracurricular Activities Department, and Director of “Olimp” Sports and Recreation Camp Veronika Livonchik.

Cosy log cabins, a beach on the shores of the most picturesque lake Bolshoy Sunukul and three meals a day are awaiting for the students. Each session will include entertainment events, sports competitions, team-building and leadership programs, and much more. Here students can get to know each other better, find new friends, work on self-development, and try themselves in new types of activity.

This year “Olimp” will impress students with its improved infrastructure: a more convenient and safe pavement of the sports ground, a new pond and a lake-view gazebo. The camp has been lightly refurbished, part of the furniture has been renovated, and bedroom accessories (mattresses, pillows, tec.) have been replaced completely. All of it will allow you to enjoy your rest to the maximum and have a memorable experience.

Full price: 16000 roubles.

Price for the state-funded students of the full-time mode of studies: 2050 roubles.

“Berezka”: Investing into Your Children’s Future

Every year, around 300 school kids come to “Berezka” Children’s Health Camp. Not only children of the SUSU academic and administrative staff can spend their summer vacations here, but also any citizen of the Chelyabinsk Region aged 17 and younger. All in all three 18-day sessions will be organised:

  1. June 14th through July 2nd;
  2. June 5th through June 23rd;
  3. July 26th through August 13th.

New themed programs are developed for every session, as well as educational and entertaining events.

“First of all, our camp differs from other camps by its traditions of children’s education, high level of security, and convenient and thought-through sessions schedule. Every minute in the children’s daily routine is filled with interesting events, developing trainings, sports work-outs and creative classes. This allows to always keep them busy and get proper rest at the same time. We have created a special warm atmosphere in our camp: usually we have three units of campers here at one and the same time, and the kids are free to get acquainted and socialize with each other, meet new friends,” shares Deputy Head of “Berezka” Children’s Health Camp Daria Bazymova.

Various groups and sections work at the camp, and every kid or teenager can find an activity s/he likes. For future champions there are sections on volleyball, pioneer ball, table tennis, and active outdoors games are held. Children can learn dancing, quilling, knitting, the art of declamation, or attend creative master workshops. Every kid develops and improves his/her knowledge in Computer Science, Journalism, or Psychology. Special attention is paid to learning English: a Shakespeare Theatre will be functioning for the campers, where they will be tutored by the teachers of InLingva School of Foreign Languages.

This summer the camp will see an innovation: an on-site Quantorium Children’s Technology Park will be working in “Berezka”, where fascinating classes will be held for future engineers. Also groups in aeromodelling and robotics will be organised. Occupational guidance events will be held for school pupils.

Parents need not worry for their kids: the maximum comfortable and safe conditions have been ensured at the camp. Each building has its own supply of heat, cold and hot water. A separate medical facility equipped with everything necessary for the first aid is working. Over the recent years “Berezka” has gained heat-insulated verandas, where any type of activity can be held. A balanced menu is provided and adequate five-time meal is served in a separate canteen building.

The most important advantage of the SUSU camp is that the campers are always under care of highly qualified tutors and counsellors. The tutors are school teachers and university academics with big experience in working with kids and teenagers. The counsellors are hired from among the enthusiastic and responsible students who are trained in the Interuniversity Counsellor Training Centre and gain real practical experience in working with children at travelling meetings and other events.

Full price: 23300 roubles.

Price with consideration to allowance (for school pupils living in Chelyabinsk): 18300 roubles.

“Nauka”: Relax and Health Improvement

“Nauka” Recreation Camp is intended for quiet family recreation. This is a place where people can feel the nature up close, improve their health and build up their strength. Not only SUSU academics and administrative staff can have vacation here, but also all the willing families with kids.

Five sessions are planned for this summer:

  1. June 19th through July 1st;
  2. July 3rd through July 15th;
  3. July 17th through July 29th;
  4. July 31st through August 12th;
  5. August 14th through August 26th.

In “Nauka”, the campers can get accommodated in comfortable bedroom blocks, which work all year round, or in 34 summer cabins for three beds, which have been fully renovated. There is a possibility to choose from single, double, triple and modular rooms. The rooms feature cushioned furniture, toilets, shower cabins, hot and cold water, TV-sets and fridges.

The campers are offered sports equipment for rent, equipped athletic fields and barbeque zones; ping pong competitions and friendly volleyball and football matches are held; fishing, billiards and movie screening are also available. Weekend tours can be organised.

One of the blocks has a library available, where the campers can spend time reading fiction literature. There are also two activity halls for 80 and 20 people, where different events are held.

Special conditions have been created for children: children’s rooms have been arranged, where developing classes with tutors are held. Also gyms for children are open, where they can play active games.

A modern Medical Centre is located on the camp territory and offers different health improving services: massage, physiotherapy, steam inhalation. A “salt therapy room” is working – that is a chamber with artificial salt microclimate; and a sauna and a swimming pool are open.

Details on voucher purchasing:

“Olimp” Sports and Recreation Camp

Room 337, 76 Lenin Prospect (Main SUSU Building).
Tel.: 267 90 90, 267 90 24.
VK: vk.com/sololimp_susu

“Berezka” Children’s Health Camp

Room 430, 76 Lenin Prospect (Main SUSU Building).
Tel.: 267 98 88, 8 902 616 99 20 (Liudmila Akhmatova).
Link to the web-site.

“Nauka” Recreation Camp

Room 430, 76 Lenin Prospect (Main SUSU Building).
Tel.: 267 90 04 (Svetlana Poleva).
Link to the web-site.

Azaliya Sharafutdinova, photo by: Oleg Igoshin
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