SUSU Invites for Participation in Preparing the STUDIUM JUVENIS Collected Research Papers

The Institute of Linguistics and International Communications of South Ural State University invites postgraduates, students, and young researchers (under 35) to take part in the preparation of STUDIUM JUVENIS collected research papers (Issue 11). This research and methodological publication aims to unite the efforts of young researchers whose interests include important issues in linguistics and intercultural communications theory, linguocultural skills, the use of language in various discourses, linguistic ecology, and regional studies.

Articles on the following topics will be accepted for the collection:

  • Current issues in linguistics;
  • Foreign literature and literary studies;
  • Issues in spoken communication in modern society;
  • Issues of intercultural communication;
  • Lexicography, translation, and translation studies;
  • Applied linguistics, linguocultural studies, linguistic regional studies;
  • Theory and practice of teaching foreign languages;
  • International political, economic, and cultural integration;
  • Strategies and tactics of various national models of management;
  • History and modern status of international relations.

Information about the author must be attached to the article: full name, academic institution (full name), year of study, major, full name (and title, position) of academic advisor, mailing address with zip code (for delivery of collection), e-mail, and contact number. Please, correctly write the zip code of the post office you collect mail from. The editorial board takes no responsibility for incorrect information (zip code, address, etc.) which results in the loss of the collection during shipping. The e-mail you indicate in the application must match the e-mail which you are using to send your application (this is the address that the editor in chief of the collection will use to correspond with the author).

The journal is planned for release in May 2019. Articles must be submitted before April 30, 2019. Articles and author information should be saved as two separate files and sent to studiumjuvenis[at]mail[dot]ru.

You must indicate “collection” (сборник) in the email header.

Layout requirements

Article length: 5-10 pages. The article must be accompanied by an abstract in Russian and in English, as well as by a set of keywords (according to the publication requirements of the RINTS* See example).

We ask authors to please pay attention to the rules of formatting the materials for publication: Microsoft Word 2003; .rtf or .doc file format; Times New Roman; font size 14; line spacing 1.5; 2 cm margins from all sides; portrait orientation; paragraph spacing 1.25; justified text; no page numbering; automatic hyphenation; “…” quotation marks; differentiate between dash (–) and hyphen (-); avoid hyperlinks in text. In-text citations are given within square brackets [1: c. 259]. Pay attention: citations throughout the text are given within square brackets, not in footnotes or other forms!



Иванов И. И.

Южно-Уральский государственный университет,

 г. Челябинск


В  статье  …. .

Ключевые слова: …..  .

Title of article in English

Ivanov I. I.

South-Ural State University

The article …. .

Keywords: … .



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  3. Крылов С.А. Некоторые особенности лингвистической концепции В. Г.Гака // URL: (дата обращения: 17.03.2019).
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