Laboratory of Marketing Has Opened!

On the first day of the 16th International Youth Festival of Marketing called “Green Apple” the Laboratory of Marketing Solutions was opened.

A project on development of marketing solutions of business cases being jointly performed by business representatives and students and called the Laboratory of Marketing Solutions was opened by the School of Economics and Management as part of the “Green Apple” festival in the Activity Hall of SIGMA Education and Recreation Building on March 19th.

In the course of the first day of the laboratory’s work presentations were delivered on the cases of companies-partners of the festival in which problems were stated and tasks were set for the mutual search of solutions.

3DiVi company is the world’s market leader in algorithms development. Marketing specialist Aleksandr Potopakhin presented by company’s cases. In the No-seller Booth case, a task was set before the students on the marketing support of the project on implementing a face recognition terminal, which will replace loyalty cards and payment terminals in stores and shopping centres. The company also pays attention to social projects. Case on Dancing without Limits is the task on marketing support of a mobile application for rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

“Our Dancing without Limits complex will help involve children with special needs into dancing activities, support the process of rehabilitation, charge with positive vibes, offer communication with children of the same age, and form positive self-assessment,” that was the task set before the company.

Representative of Intersvyaz company Alena Aksenovskikh shared on the concept of a mobile application by Intersvyaz: “To make it the control centre of a Smart City available to every citizen of the Ural region.” The task set before the students was to make the usability of the mobile application convenient, comfortable and optimized.

Director of Zubry Graphics design studio Irina Glazunova presented a case on Clients without Limits, in which a problem was set on developing marketing communications which will automatically expand the client geography and create the flow of orders.

The representative of the Traktor Ice Hockey Club gave an emotional and fascinating speech about the work of their team on developing the concept for the previous season called “Generation T: 70 Years of Our Era” and offered students to fulfil interesting ideas on developing the next season’s concept.

Today students have received their tasks. What solutions will we see?
We will know that in a month, on April 16th, when the student teams will present their solutions.
We wish them creative and bold solutions!

Contest Organisation Committee: Department of Management, Room 570a/2, University Building No.2, 76 Lenin Pr., Chelyabinsk; Tel./Fax (351) 267-99-95, 8-9191187828, konovalovate[at]susu[dot]ru

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