SUSU Scientific Schools: “Modern Specialists in Economics Are Innovators in Manufacturing”

Today South Ural State University is a classical university which trains specialists in all fields of science. The university comprises several dozens of actively developing schools, many of which are the same age as SUSU. Among them is the scientific school of Efficiency of Industrial Manufacturing of the School of Economics and Management which has trained many generations of talented scientists. 

Focus on Industrial Manufacturing

This school was founded by Aleksandr Taschev, Doctor of Sciences (Economics), SUSU Professor Emeritus, and Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation. Under his guidance the Faculty of Economics and Management was established at South Ural State University in 1992. Aleksandr Taschev became the first Dean of the Faculty and the founder of the Chelyabinsk school of specialists in economics and management of the national economy. Today the school is supervised by Professor Igor Baev, Head of the Department of Finance, Supply, and Credit of the SUSU SEM, Doctor of Sciences (Economics). Professor Baev wrote 5 books and more than 160 scientific papers; under his guidance 10 doctoral and 45 candidate dissertations were prepared.

“What indicator determines the quality of schools of science? The most important ones are the career success of its graduates, frequency of publication in top-rated journals, efficiency of research, etc. If we are speaking about our school, we have all of that. I also must mention that it was born at the same time the Department appeared. The Department itself was founded shortly after the university, which was an engineering institute in the past. Our school focuses on manufacturing and on research of the efficiency and organisation of industrial manufacturing because from the beginning, the university trained technical and engineering workers. The Department was 90% engineers and technical specialists whose work focused on their economic activities in industrial manufacturing,” says Igor Baev, Head of the Department of Finance, Supply, and Credit.

Photo: Head of the Department of Finance, Supply, and Credit of the SUSU SEM, Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor Igor Baev

Today this school of science has 5 fields of study: Financial and Economic Issues of Innovative Development of Industrial Enterprises; Financial and Economic Foundations of Price-dependent Management of Power Consumption at Industrial Enterprises; Cash Flow Management in the Concept of Logistics; Managing the Competitiveness of the Economic during the Formation of an Economy of Knowledge; Management of Credit Institutions.

Among the lecturers are 7 doctors and 25 candidates of science in economics; 90% of the teaching staff are graduates of the Department. In addition, heads of the economic and financial services of Chelyabinsk businesses are invited to hold lectures.

Currently, the Department is training highly qualified Bachelor’s and Master’s students in Economics, Management, and Finance and Credit, as well as doctoral and postgraduate students. The Department’s accumulated experience and highly qualified staff allow it to respond flexibly to changes in the market: the courses are constantly updated, modern Master’s programmes are being developed, and project-based training is being implemented on the basis of contracts with the city’s leading businesses.

Scientific School Transforms under the Influence of Digital Industry

Each year, students from the Department participate in Olympiads and contests where they show their high level of training: they become prize-winners in the international Olympiad at the St. Petersburg State University of Economics, the international Olympiad in corporate finance at MSU (Moscow), and at other events; they participate in conferences and publish the results of their research. The Department has a well-structured system of research in which the most interesting final papers by Bachelor’s students become the subject of in-depth study for Master’s and candidate dissertations.

The Department is partnered with such companies as Sberbank of Russia, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and Russian Electric Motors, JSC, who today act as customers for projects of the School of Economics and Management within the project-based learning initiative, and hold seminars for students. The result of this partnership is successful employment of SUSU graduates. Today, graduates of the Department work at businesses in various fields of economics, banking, and consulting, serve the government, and hold leadership positions in the Chelyabinsk Region and Russian organisations.

Igor Baev believes that at present changes are occurring in the Efficiency of Industrial Manufacturing school in the context of the emerging new technologies and concepts for managing production, and development of digital industry. Already today many research projects in the Department are focusing on digital economy, innovative models of development, and cryptocurrencies, which are quickly gaining popularity.

Viktoria Matveichuk; photo: Oleg Igoshin, Viktoria Matveichuk
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