Pushkin Institute Centre at SUSU Holds an Infographics Competition “Russian Language in the Mirror of Digital Transformations”

Pushkin Institute Research and Education Centre of the SUSU Institute of Linguistics and International Communications organises a number of events aimed at popularization of the Russian language and culture abroad. Pupils and students from China are invited to take part in the unique project competition entitled “Russian in the mirror of digital transformations”.

The contest reflects one of the key strategies for development of South Ural State University –  progress on the way to digital transformations. It is particularly topical, as digital technology is an integral part of the human life, and many Chinese students undertake their studies at SUSU to forge a successful career in this field.

The event organised by the Pushkin Institute is of special interest for Chinese pupils who plan to receive engineering education in Russia. The competition offers insights into special vocabulary needed for effective learning and further professional development.

Olesya Sharafutdinova, Associate Professor at the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language of the SUSU Institute of Linguistics and International Communications commented: “In the process of training international students do different courses in Russian. An international student whose major is highly specific encounters difficulties in using terminology, as it requires a higher proficiency level. It’s important to apply special approaches to enhance the effectiveness of this process, and the competition of projects is designed to overcome these difficulties associated with special vocabulary learning. Infographics allows combining the content and images.”

The infographics is an effective teaching technique, as it makes it possible to convey complex information to a target audience quickly and easily. Apart from text, infographics may contain images, diagrams, tables, maps and other graphic symbols. At present, the contest materials are being received.

Rules of participation:

  1. Choose a term related to digital technologies in Russian, translate it, and explain it in Chinese
  2. Give examples of using this term in Russian
  3. Create infographics

To take part in the competition, fill in the application form and sign the consent to personal data processing following the link and email the completed documents together with a prepared material to sharafutdinovaoi[at]susu[dot]ru.

It should be noted that the project competition “Russian Language in the Mirror of Digital Transformations” is held within the Action Plan on the Support of Russian and Education in the Russian Language, for implementation of which South Ural State University received a grant in 2018. The work is being carried out in the framework of the project “Establishment and Development of a Network of Pushkin Institute Centres (no less than 8) in the PRC on the basis of Institutions Providing Education in the Russian Language” in the context of the event “Grants for Realisation of Events Aimed at the Full Functioning and Development of the Russian Language” of the main initiative “Development of Open Education in Russian and Russian Language Teaching”.


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