The exhibition “Digital Industry: Solutions and Technologies” at SUSU Came to End

On November 13-14, 2018, an exhibition “Digital Industry: Solutions and Technologies” took place on the base of South Ural State University and with the support of Governor and Government of the Chelyabinsk Region as well as Regional Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications.

The leading enterprises of Russia and South Ural presented their solutions in the field of industrial Internet of Things and industrial automation. Deputy Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region Ruslan Gattarov, Rector of South Ural State University Aleksandr Shestakov and President of Emerson International Corporation Michael Train took part in the ceremony of the exhibition opening.

The opening of the exhibition was held in the frames of the 2018 Global Smart Industry Conference. The participants of the exhibition presented modern digital solutions and engineering projects.

“The most attractive in the exhibition is the opportunity to see interesting developments, including such, which were created in the laboratories of SUSU. They present such solutions, which, to my mind, do not have the analogues in the world yet. There are also the innovative developments of our instrument engineering companies, which are being used in the industry already,” noted Minister of Information Technologies of the Chelyabinsk Region Aleksandr Kozlov.

So, Intersvyaz company, which was established at South Ural presented the innovative solutions for the house properties (innovative house intercom), for the property management companies (smart systems for housing and community amenities), the monitoring system of parking lots, which is implemented at five large entities of the city.

PLANAR instrument-making cluster of South Ural, technical partner of Sozvezdiye Group Company (ROSTEC Group of Companies), famous in Russia and abroad by its developments in the field of radio electronics and measuring equipment, demonstrated the solutions for the centres of complex engineering monitoring.

Information Technologies Company working in the sphere of industrial automation presented complex solutions in the field of process automation systems.

ALPHA-INTEX Company showed the work of robot the artist KUKA Agilus, which can draw portraits by means of augmented reality.

ElMetro-Engineering LLC, providing the services on metrological and design engineering and dealing with the production of highly precise measuring instrumentation, presented several projects in the field of import substitution. 

EMIS Company, the Russian producer of the measuring instrumentation and complex systems, demonstrated the newest flow-meters – gas, steam, and liquid flow metering instruments.

ER-Telecom Holding company, more famous as, presented the telecommunicational solutions in the field of the Internet of Things in housing and community amenities, smart light, house intercom and video monitoring. 

Napoleon IT company specializes in the analysis, development, and implementation of modern solutions for the smart management of distributing and the distant staff control automation by means of machine learning methods. The company showed the system of image recognition in retail business.

“The format of the exhibition is unique: there are presented not just the developments of the university but the developments of our industrial and strategic partners. It is important that the developments , which we see at the exhibition,  are popular among our industrial partners what underlines the high level of digital industry understanding at the university,” noted Vice-Rector for Research Affairs Aleksandr Diakonov.

South Ural State University was presented in several directions: Educational Equipment and Technology Scientific and Production Institute, an acknowledged leader in the CIS market on development, serial production of innovative educational products for the universities, technical secondary schools, colleges, and educational centres of enterprises; Geoinformation Systems Research and Education Centre dealing with creation and implementation of geoinformational systems, creation of photorealistic models of landscape objects and house property in three dimensions; Interdepartmental Laboratory of Electronics, which developed the measuring amplifier for electrodynamic vibrational testing facility with an adaptive feeding of backend of an amplifying module, process controller for thyristor excitation system of the synchronous generator with a simulating model of operational environment, and custom controllers of acquisition and processing of the measuring data for monitoring the objects technical states.

SUSU also presented the developments of Experimental Mechanics Laboratory, particularly, coriolis flow measuring device for oil and gas industry. The device contains new algorithms of signals management and processing, allowing it to measure the mass rate of flow in case of gas phase presence. It allows transferring to simpler and cheaper separators without loss of mass flow measurement precision. Laboratory for Self-Monitoring and Self-Validating Sensors and Systems presented the system of machines technical diagnostics based on the wireless sensor.

Research and Production Centre of Industrial Automation presented automated street light control system, which allows controlling the brightness of lamps on the base of data transferring through the power line.

«The exhibition is really good. To my mind, SUSU could be an organizer of the exhibition in the territory of the Chelyabinsk Region in future, presenting the instrument-making products of the region,” Head of Emerson Natalia Zenets.

The developments of all the participants aroused the great interest of the visitors and among them the foreign specialists and researchers in the field of digital industry and the Internet of Things. Therefore, the potential of the region got a high international assessment and, it can be said without doubt about a new point of growth, which has great potential for the development.

Aleksey Vasilyev; photo by Oleg Igoshin
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