Advanced Training Online – Easy!

In the new academic year, the SUSU Institute of Open and Distance Education invites university staff and teachers to join the courses on advanced training. The topics of the advanced training courses are the intersection of new informational and pedagogical technologies. The training is practice-oriented, what allows the students who complete the course to efficiently implement the obtained knowledge and skills in their work.

The additional education programmes at the Institute of Open and Distance Education are meant for students with various goals and interests.

For those who are just beginning to get acquainted with technologies of online education, the institute offers Basics of Online Education for University Teaching Staff and Moodle, an Instrument for Creating Online Courses.

Colleagues who are thinking about how to make their work more efficient and modern will be interested in Online Resources for Teachers, Mental Maps, Social Networks For Teaching, Technologies for Creating Efficient Presentations.

Teachers who are constantly searching for new forms of teaching will be interested in courses dedicated to active teaching methods: Active Simulation Game Methods of Teaching, Active Simulation Non-Game Teaching Methods and Active Non-Simulation Teaching Methods.

Teachers who are working on creation of online academic resources are welcome to join the courses on Fundamentals of Copyright and Evaluating the Quality of Online Courses.

Teachers interested in using the latest achievements in educational technologies will benefit from the advanced training courses dedicated to modern academic trends: online testing and development of massive open online courses (MOOC). These are the topics of the courses Testing, Statistics, and Correction of Evaluation Tests, Adaptive Testing, MOOC: Modern Online Format.

The course Methods For Creating Scientific Articles is highly useful.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, we are planning three groups of students. The start and end dates for each group are:

  • Group 1: 08.10.2018 – 17.12.2019
  • Group 2: 14.01.2019 – 25.03.2019
  • Group 3: 01.04.2019 – 10.06.2019

Currently registration for the first group is open.

  • Students can register for professional development programmes (more than 250 hours) with awarding of a diploma on professional re-training, once a year – until October 22, 2018.
  • It is possible to register for three courses of advanced training with awarding of a certificate of advanced training, thrice a year, according to the group start dates.
  • Course modules with awarding of an electronic certificate are open for registration throughout the academic year.

The Institute of Open and Distance Education system of advanced training courses is modular: each course consists of a certain number of modules and a mandatory final project work. When beginning their training, students are given deadlines for their tasks within the modules and for the graduation work. Throughout the course, students will have consultations from the Institute teachers and technical support from the course managers. Students who complete their assignments successfully and within the deadline are awarded a certificate of advanced training completion.

If students need a flexible schedule, the modular system of the advanced training offers an alternative method for completing the courses. The academic module is, in essence, an independent mini course, which includes both theoretical materials and tests. Throughout the academic year, students can study any number of academic modules when it is convenient, choosing modules from various courses in whatever order they want according to their professional interests. Having successfully mastered the materials and completed the tasks in a module, students are awarded an electronic certificate. With electronic certificates in various modules, students can apply for any “full length” course and receive transfer credits for the modules they hold the electronic certificates for. Next, after studying the modules they need and completing their qualification work, students will be awarded a certificate of advanced training.

Courses Are Free for SUSU Staff!

You can choose one or several academic modules, a course of advanced training, or a programme of professional re-training, and register for training on the website: Courses and Resources, For Teachers Section.

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