SUSU Students Passed the GTO Tests (Ready for Labour and Defence)

Association of the Student Sport Clubs of Russia (SSCA) in cooperation with the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation and the Federal Operator of GTO (Ready for Labour and Defence) began to implement a project “From the SSCA Student Tests Pass to the Honours of the GTO” among the universities of the country. The complex events started in all regions of the country and go in several stages.

The first stage started on September 16 in 66 regions of Russia. It presupposes the enrolment in the university sports teams. The claimants for the university teams performed the physical exercises of the “SSCA Student Tests Pass”, which are the light versions of the GTO Complex Tests, adapted to the infrastructure of the universities.

In Chelyabinsk, the first stage took place at SUSU Sports Complex. The students performed the physical exercises in five disciplines – shuttle run 3х10 m, standing long jump, floor push-ups, forward bending from the standing position on a gymnastic bench, falling leaf, rope jumping. The students who demonstrated the best results were admitted to the university team and will compete at the next stage of evaluations – a regional one, which will take place in October and November this year. At this stage, which will be held on October 25-26, the university combined team will be determined and it will present the Chelyabinsk Region at the all-Russian final competition. 

In 2018, the students of South Ural State University became the participants of the new project — the GTO Inter-university Student Tests.

The first stage took place at SUSU Athletic Complex where all the participants passed the GTO basic tests, defined their own level of preparation and the moments to be worked upon for the future participation in the competitions.

“Those who demonstrate good results and receive the golden badges of merit at the first stage are admitted to the competitions among the universities of the Chelyabinsk Region. There they pass all the tests included in the GTO complex. Accordingly, at this stage,gold a combined team of the gold medalists, which shows the best results, is selected. The students obtain a pass to the All-Russian Festival in Belgorod,” says Head of Uralsky Sokol Student Sports Club, Coordinator of the Project of the GTO Student Tests Pass for the Chelyabinsk Region Ekaterina Kalugina.

According to the organizers, the best teams out of all regions of Russia (consisting of 8 people) will get there. For students, this is not only the possibility to improve their physical abilities but participate in one of the major projects of the country.

Ekaterina Kalugina told on the way the GTO Tests Pass is held for the students of South Ural State University.

“Today we have the following standards: track 60 meters, long jump, pull-ups, falling leaf, forward bend, rope jumping and floor push-ups. Today students pass all these tests and the judges accordingly record the results. They will be processed within a week and after that, we will post the lists of the winners and determine the date of the ceremony of awarding the badges and certificates.”

In the frames of the event, students had a possibility to pass a theoretical test on the healthy lifestyle and physical education as well as get to know the body composition with the help of special analyser.

“With the help of the special analyser students could get to know the composition of muscle, fat and skin tissues in a body in percent.  Moreover, such an analyser shows the level of water in an organism and allows to understand if it necessary to be raised,” said Head of Uralsky Sokol Student Sports Club.

It should be noted that more than 200 students of South Ural State University took part in the event. All those who will pass the tests for the golden badges of merit will get to the university combined team and become the participants of the second stage. The best teams out of all regions will participate in the All-Russian Festival, which will take place in December at Belgorod State University.

Marina Kovyazina; photo: Viktoria Matveichuk
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