SUSU Invites for Professional Retraining in the Sphere of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language

The Pushkin Institute Research, Education and Coordination Center together with the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language of SUSU’s Institute of Linguistics and International Communications invites to get supplementary competencies in the sphere of teaching Russian as a foreign language based on two specially elaborated programs.

Students, teaching staff of the university and all who wishes can complete a study on the professional retraining program entitled “Theory and practice of teaching Russian as a foreign language” (350 hours). Teaching philologists are given the opportunity to enhance their qualification within the course entitled “Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language” (72 hours).

“The attendees who completed their study on the professional retraining program intended for 350 hours obtain the right to carry out teaching activity in the sphere of teaching Russian as a foreign language. The program intended for 72 hours is targeted at employed teachers: philologists and linguists. Distinction of our courses from the similar ones is in the fact that these programs suppose practical training in groups of international students from basic level up to advanced level,” said Head of the Pushkin Institute Center, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of SUSU ILIC’s Department of Russian as a Foreign Language, Yadviga Berezovskaya.

This is the third year that the both programs have been implementing at the university; within this time, both native Russian speakers and foreign citizens completed the study. Among them, there are many ILIC students from Turkmenistan, as well as students from other educational subdivisions of SUSU. For example, a Chinese student of the Department of Chemistry of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Humanities, who intended to teach Russian language in her home country after graduation, had completed the professional retraining program during the first year of its implementation.

“Many Russian students, having graduated from the university in Russia, would like to go abroad and teach Russian language. This is impossible without a special certificate that gives the right to work as a teacher of Russian as a foreign language, but this program helps to obtain such certificate,” noted Yadviga Leonidovna. “For this purpose, foreign citizens need professional retraining as well. Requirements of our foreign colleagues are constantly raising, therefore more and more attendees apply for the courses.”

The professional retraining program (350 hours) lasts for 2 semesters; the 72-hour courses are intended for 1-1,5 months. Classes on both programs are held in the evening hours suitable for attendees, so that they could attend lectures and workshops in time after their work or study. In average, classes are held 3 times a week, 3 hours each (two double classes).

Admissions to the programs:

Tel.: +7 351 272 31 31
e-mail: berezovskaiail[at]susu[dot]ru
Yadviga Berezovskaya

Azaliya Sharafutdinova, photo by: Viktoria Matveichuk, Anastasia Nikitina
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