It’s a Well-Established University: International Graduate on South Ural State University


South Ural State University is rightfully viewed as a multicultural institution. Almost 2 000 international students from over 48 countries are currently doing their studies at SUSU. Many of them have listened to the advice of those who had already received their degree at South Ural State University. Naji Abdullah Mezaal received a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in Baghdad. Several years later he decided to continue his studies abroad when Naji’s friend recommended him to apply to South Ural State University.

— How did you learn about SUSU?

— When I got my undergraduate degree in Iraq, I applied for a job there and worked for four years. Then I understood that I really want to continue my studies. A friend of mine has already graduated from SUSU, and he advised me to follow his path, and so I applied. First, I got accepted into the University’s foundation program that lasted for a year. After the preparation course, I started my Master’s in Heat and Power Engineering. There is a high demand for such specialists these days, so I’m confident in finding a well-paid job in the future. I’ve gained a lot of research experience thanks to SUSU. I know how to manage different tasks, and I’m proficient in the specialised software.

— Where did you learn Russian?

— I learnt Russian during my preparation course at SUSU. When I first came here, I didn’t even know how to say “Привет” (“Hi”). Russian is a difficult language to study, but anyone can manage it with time and patience. The most challenging part of Russian for any international student is the case system. You really need to practice speaking Russian as much as you can and learn the grammar. I knew nothing about Russia before I came here. Now I’m lucky to have made friends from different countries, and I’m so happy I chose South Ural State University.


— What is the most pleasant memory you have of South Ural State University?

— I’ve got plenty! They are all about my teachers and classmates. At SUSU, I’ve made a lot of friends, and we had such a great time together. Russian winter was an exciting experience too. Iraq is a hot place. In Chelyabinsk, I felt what it was like to go outside when the temperature dropped to 30 degrees Celsius below zero! It was amazing and unforgettable. The Ural nature is jaw-dropping. We’ve had wonderful trips to the local lakes with my friends and had great fun.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to my teachers for their immense knowledge and tremendous support. They were always there for us. And thank you to the Association of International Students for their readiness to help with any of my problems.

I want to note Chelyabinsk as well. My hometown is Baghdad. My Russian hometown is Chelyabinsk. This city has become my second home. This is a place where I’ve met warm-hearted and incredible people.

— What are your plans for the future?

— I’d like to continue my studies at South Ural State University. If my application for the Ph.D. program fails, I’ll try my hand at working in a Russian organisation such as Gazprom or Lukoil. At the start of the year, I received a call from Gazprom. They needed specialists with a good knowledge of Russian, Arabic, and English.

— What would be your advice to future SUSU students?

— I wish them success and energy to realise their dreams and goals. Studying in a foreign country is a excellent gift to yourself. My advice would be to come to study at SUSU, which I still advice myself! It’s a well-established university. From my experience, all the SUSU teachers I was happy to know are amazing specialists. They know what they talk about and they are eager to share their expertise with students. Thank you to my favourite University!

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