First Session at the Olimp Camp Wraps Up

On July 12th, the first session at Olimp Sports and Recreation Camp, which brought together many active and talented students, completed.

Olimp Sports and Recreation Camp has accumulated many good traditions over the years of its existence. One of these is that students who come to the camp once, return to it again and again. The Deputy Head of the Extracurricular Activities Department and Head of Olimp SRC Veronika Livonchik speaks about how the first session went and who became pioneers of the summer season.

− The topic of the session was “25th Frame”. Our first session is always dedicated to the arrival of student organisations and associations, such as the Mass Cultural Events Committee, KVN, Debate Club, Undertake SUSU, MuzCom, the School of DJs and Sound Engineers, the International Commission, and athletes. Throughout all of the sessions, each organisation held one of their own days, but they tried to stay within the theme of music and movies.

The head of the camp also speaks about the events that were held within the sessions.

− KVN held its traditional “Kapustnik” and a new event “Don’t Sleep”, the Mass Cultural Events Committee created a very cool quest with a sinking ship theme, in which, at the end, it was necessary for the participants to determine the guilty party in the events occurring. Before this we had a horror quest, terrifying music was played everywhere, the game was quite scary, but interesting.

The participants of the session share their emotions.

“We have had many interesting events, for example, Hunger Games. The camp was divided in to 2 teams which had to fight among one another for totems. We ran around the whole camp for two hours. Everyone really liked this game. Since the camp session is dedicated to student unions, each team had their special field in which they offered special master classes. I came here as an organizer, but I also try to relax. I have liked Olimp since last year when I came to the second session, and this year I decided to attend the first session and I do not regret this. Each SUSU student must visit this wonderful place!” says third-year student of the SEECS Tatiyana Serebryannikova.

“We had many events, every day was very busy. There are morning, daytime, and evening events. We participate in various games and questions which can last up to several hours. Not long ago, the Olimp football championship was held, where I acted as a commentator. It is also very important that we meet each other here. Earlier I thought I knew everyone at SUSU, but it turns out that’s not so. The energy of the camp allows you to rest at times and work at times. I will definitely come here again!” says third year student of the ISSH Arkady Zubkov.

Besides rest, SUSU students also had practical training in Olimp camp. This year, two groups of trainees came for the first session: designers from the Institute of Sport, Tourism, and Service, and students from the Institute of Architecture and Construction, who worked on geodesics. Special classrooms were fitted with equipment, and classes were held there throughout the whole session.

On the last day of the session, a “360 Degrees” closing ceremony was held. Various grounds were placed around the attendees, where interesting shows were offered.

Event date: 
Sunday, 15 July, 2018 - 00:00
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